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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

Title: Insa
Pairing: yunjae
Genre: PG13, mild smut


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A/N: Happy mother's day, everyone! and happy mother's day for you too, Jae-eomma..

Title: Insa
Pairing: yunjae
Genre: PG13, mild smut


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"Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin"
Title : Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin

Author : fikaputri 

Genre : Incest, Angst, Romantic, Drama

Rating : PG13 to NC17

Pairing : Yunjae, Yungi, Jaehoon

Length : Short Chaptered

Warnings: Some profanities, incest, boyxboy love relationship

Disclaimer : This story based on the plot made by my friend, ncunsu . None of these characters are real

Summary: What could be describe as their love? Forbiden and destroying. Where one couldn't live without the other. This is about a father-son relationship that will make you awe and your heart clenches with agony

chapter 2Collapse )

"Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin"
Title : Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin

Author : fikaputri 

Genre : Incest, Angst, Romantic, Drama

Rating : PG13 to NC17

Pairing : Yunjae, Yungi, Jaehoon

Length : Short Chaptered (1/?)

Beta: Unbeta-ed

Warnings: Some profanities, real incest, tragedy, boyxboy love relationship, grammaritical errors

Disclaimer : This story based on the plot made by my friend, ncunsu . None of these characters are real.

Summary: What could be describe as their love? Forbiden and destroying. Where one couldn't live without the other. This is about a father-son relationship that will make you awe and your heart clenches with agony


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If someone said that Yunjae is not real, well, i don't know what is real. the love between them is obviously REAL. some people said it's bromance, but i think it's more than that.

friendship between guys, as far as I know, don't kiss each other's cheeks, hold hands, stare each other's eyes deeply, and touching inappropiate places.

i've been a TVXQ's fan since over a year and I knew I love yunjae weeks after i've been a fan. at first, i felt a bit weird to see them together. but I can't help it. I noticed yunjae not by people told me, but i found them myself. I was a jae's biased at that moment (now I'm yun's biased) and i see them always a bit more closer and intimate than with the others. they always respected each other when one of them was talking, and i saw jae often paid his attention too much on leader-sshi.

there are a lot more I want to rambling about them but apparently, I have a class right now so i don't have enough time to ramble. so, i want to just post their pictures now!!

aahh~~ yunjae!!

these pictures below were when TVXQ in thai. see the way jae looked at his hubby~

oh nuuuuuuu~~~!! TT.TT class are starting!!
annyeong people!^^

Homesick and I miss my highschool :(
Actually there's not so much i want to talk about. but right now I reaallyy miss my home. my home sweet home in Tangerang (I'm at yogyakarta right now).
where I can do whatever I want to do. when the only things I did were lazying around, n browsing.
I also miss my mom's cooking too. I mean, REALLY MISS it. sometimes I can even taste her cookings in my mouth. LOL.

And I miss my highschool. A fun, lovely highschool. with my friends, we often went to karaoke place, or watched the cinema or just hung out in one of my friend's house. My friends in highschool are friends who acts like a real friends. they would be always stand by you to help you if you had a problem. We have no secrets. We even have a strong of solidarity to the extent that we didn't let any of us got a bad mark in tests. We helped each other so far like that. We have the same kind of joke that rare people understand. Our joking are rather harsh, but no one of us took it to heart because we know it's just an joking.
My friends often paid me to eat,to play, or just to watch some movies if I didn't have money back then. n they rarely asked to me to pay it back. that went not only for me, but all of us for sure. because we couldn't have fun if we're not complete.

I miss my beautiful life in highschool. when everything isn't so much hard like now. I miss everything.


greek god yunho
this is how cupid yunho looks like. with a wife beater, curly brown hair, eyeliner and tattoo on his chest.
he is the epitome of SEX GOD.

and this picture below is really satisfied my back fetish. YES, i have one.

I can't hold it anymore...
please, joongie umma, leave him with me... *begs under umma's feet*

okay. no matter how I want him, that's only in my dream. *sighs*

but everytime I look at those pictures, they nearly got me orgasm high. I think I should go to sleep before I'm getting even more crazy -_-
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Dong Bang Shin Ki
Dong Bang Shin Ki is a name of South Korean acapella group that consists of five people. Dong Bang Shin Ki if translated roughly means "Five Gods From The East" and it have different terms depends on the country. DBSK/DBSG (Dong Bang Shin Ki/Dong Bang Shin Gi) in Korean terms. TVfXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) in Chinese terms. THSK/Tohoshinki in Japanese terms and there's TVXQ for International terms. They started debut on December 26th 2003 with song 'Hug' during BoA and Britney Spears showcase. After a year from debut, they expanded their carrier to Japan not as Hallyu wave. They did many performances from small hall to finally in Tokyo Dome on July 2009. And there's some differences between DBSK in Korean and Tohoshinki in Japan. If in Korea, they still considered as an "Idol Group", but not in Japan. In Japan, they were approved as one of real singer and one of the best boyband there. They are the first Korean singer that could make on top Oricon charts. They achieved two world record in Guiness Book of World Record as 'The artist who has the largest fanbase' and ' The most photographed artist'. Their Korean fanbase, Cassiopeia (I'm so proud of cassies!) is the largest fanbase in the world with over 800.000 members and that's only in Korean. If you count Bigeast (their Japanese fanbase) and International fanbase, I believe we can make it until over 1 million and they have 500 millions of picture that appeared in magz, CF, jacket sketch, etc. What a great boyband, ne?

Okay, now I'll introduce you to the members. We'll start from the eldest:

Kim Jaejoong/Youngwoong Jaejoong/Hero Jaejoong

Originally named as Han Jaejoong but he was adopted and being Kim Jaejoong. Born in 26th February 1986 (His biological mother said he's born in 4th February 1986) and has a O blood type. Is the main lead singer and 'mother of the group' because He loves cooking and doing chores. He looks cold outside but actually is very warm inside. The members said they could acts childish and spoiler in front of Jaejoong because he's so gentle like a mother. And he's so caring to them like he likes to text other members and ask what are they doing now, if they already eat or not although sometimes his caring is too much. But that's because he's the mom, right? and a mom usually easily get worried. He achieves many awards for his face either in Korea, Japan, Chinese or even in Asian region. From the most handsome man to the most beautiful man. That's a bit contradict, right? How can he be handsome but pretty in the same time? Take a look on these picture, and see it yourself:

The handsome Jaejoong

The Beautiful Jaejoong. Does he looks so pretty?

and because he's a hottie... prepare for the major nosebleeds!

Jung Yunho/U-Know Yunho

Moved from Gwangju to Seoul to pursue his carrier. Born in 6th February 1986 and is the leader and bass of the group. His blood type is A and he's also the best dancer in SM Ent (the management). He's a polite young man and has a good personality. He takes care his members well but a bit strict when it comes to their work. He is the 'father of the group' because of his manly sharp appearence and his matureness. He loves writing in the middle of the rain and loves sport. He is my favorite member of DBSK because he absolutelly is the best man woman can ever get. He loves children and I'm sure he'll be a great father and husband...(but he said he wants 25 children! 20 girls and 5 boys! gosh! they're even a lot more than players in soccer!)

Did I ever mention that he's so sexy when he dances?

And trust me, Yunho is a sex on legs

and he'll make a great father

 Umma and Appa with their kids!

Park Yoocheon/Micky Yoocheon

Born in 4th June 1986. Yoocheon is the bass baritone and has O blood type same with Jaejoong. He is the cry baby of the group because he often cries in their performances or after they achives award. But he just a sensitive boy, right? I mean only a guy with gentle and sof heart that can cry like he does. His image in DBSK is suave and dandy and I think it goes well with his personality. Although he sometimes can be loud anddork, but actually very gentle. If you ever heard the way he talks, you will exactly fall in live with him. He has a deep husky voice and has a different manly vibe from Yunho in him. If Yunho is sharp, he'll be the gentle one. I really love his voice (aside Jaejoong's). So sexy! BTW, he moved from U.S to Korea so his english is better than the other members. Although he said that he forgets a lot. Hihihi...

Yuchun is a dorky guy ever

But he can be sexy too...

I love him with piano! Aaargh~ the most gorgeous pianist ever~

Kim Junsu/Xiah Junsu

Junsu was born on 15th December 1986 but his mom registered him on 1st January 1987. He has B blood type and his position in the band is tenor baritone. He is the member who has the most large fanclub member than other members. He loves singing, dancing and soccer. When he's child, he wanted to be a soccer player but changed when he listen to H.O.T. His image in the band is sexy and charisma but it seems so failed, because instead spreads his charisma nad sexiness to the fans, he spreads those cute, angel aegyo image of him. No one can resist his cuteness! Junsu is the most loveable. Thus, he rewarded as 'Korean Little Dongsaeng'. Although in his long trainee years he got a puberty that caused the lost of his voice, but he could manage it and make him as 'The Best Singer in Korea and Asia'!

Aegyo Junsu

Shim Changmin/Choikang Changmin/Max Changmin

Nah, here's the baby or the maknae of the group. Born on 18th February 1988 and is the tenor of the group. He has B blood type and his image in the band is cute and naive before Junsu stole it from him and he became a tall and model member. With 186 cm height, he must bent down his body if he want to talk with me.. LOL. Many fans loves him because of being the youngest but the smartest and his snarky atittude. His infamous endless love for foodmakes people wonder; "WHY HE ISN'T FAT?!" and that's makes me jealous.

Here's the pics of the model prince shim

Although they're in hard situation now, but I hope everything will be alright. I really hope happy ending!~
Always keep the faith!

Introduce myself?
Gah. should I do this?

okay. my name is Fika Ramadhaningtyas Putri. long, isn't it?
yeah, I also don't know what was in my parents' head when they were giving me a name. I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. So please bear with me if you find any mistakes in my poor english.
I'm 18 years old and I love food and DBSK!!!
yeah. you hear it right, it's DBSK that I obsessed very much!!!
despite their current status, but I still keep the faith for them. it's just doesn't feel right if they separated (like they ever). they are the best boy band in Asia (wait, that's true!!!) and my biased says, that they are the best boyband in the world! yeah, even compared with N'sync or BSB ( or Westlife anyone?). N'sync could dance. of course, they have Justin and JC by the way. but how many of them could even sing? Lance, Christian, and Joe (the members aside from JT and JC) were just some decorations to make them looked like a boyband. Don't blame me, because I hear on most of their songs only Justin and JC that actually sing and the other just for backup vocals.And for BSB, Brian, AJ, and Nick were pretty good.Actually, I love AJ's voice. His voice is kinda husky and raspy or something that I think it's sexy! but yeah, they also have the almost useless members. Kevin and .... someone? Sorry, I forget. And it goes the same with Westlife. They have the looks, three of the five members could sing but no one of them could dance for their life!!When I watched their 'If I let you go' performance, it's kinda mused me at how suck their dance were. Actually, a long time ago, when I was in my elementary school, they were my idols. I just love how good their voices blend together. But the true light has coming when I saw their live performances. it's confused me at that time, how could a group can be so suck at live while their recorded version are oh-so-amazing? And since that, I have no interest for boyband anymore since my changing opinion. But since I found this oh-so-amazing-and-great-and-perfect boyband, DBSK, I can't help but worships them! At first, I kinda questioned DBSK, could they really sing as real singers? could they really dance? and my questions were answered when I decided to watch them on utube. They are utterly amazing, can dnace and even can sing as great as a real singer. Even the so-called member 'the most member who couldn't really sing', Yunho, has a great voice even if you compared his voice to the other member from another boyband group, you can tell that his voice is good. And they can totally dance! Who the heck could dance 'Rising Sun' dance like they does? who could pulled out that minimalize-blingbling outfits and still look super hot? Only DBSK could!
So, that's why, I worship them so much from my deepest heart. Always Keep The Faith!

Okay, I'll stop rambling about DBSK. (because I can post any entries about them next!)

I'm a girl who love food too. (have I ever mention that?) I really love Indonesian food altough the international food isn't problem. But if you ever tried Indonesian food, you surely will love it too. they have a strong taste, it's unique and most of them are spicy. So I'm sure DBSK will love it since they love spicy themselves!and the most I love is Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck). it's soooo yummy!! I even can't describe it. And Mie Ayam (chicken noodle) is also delicious. Dou you know that after their concert here in Indonesia, Good Charlotte brought two packs of Indonesian Instant noodle home? And I believe it's because they have faound how yummy they were. okay, enough with the food. now my hobbies, shall we?
My hobbies are singing, reading and writing. I love singing many songs, but most of them are ballads. Idk, but ballads are more match with my voice. And I love reading suspense or detective books. My fav author is Agatha Christie. No word could describe her books except great. And I love writing as well! I'm writing some fanfics now in winglin.
www.winglin.net/glow/ (you're my little princess)
www.winglin.net/glow2/ (eternal)
www.winglin.net/Luna/ (Yunjae triple shots)

and no one of them has finished!! (and I'll try to post it here!)

Ah~ I should work even more hard!

It's about 22.30 in Jakarta now and my moms starts nagging about going to sleep...