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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin; Chapter 4
Title : Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin

Author : fikaputri

Genre : Incest, Angst, Romantic, Drama

Rating : PG13 to NC17

Pairing : Yunjae, Yungi, Jaehoon

Length : Short Chaptered

Warnings: Some profanities, incest, boyxboy love relationship

Disclaimer : This story based on the plot made by my friend, ncunsu . None of these characters are real

Summary: What could be describe as their love? Forbiden and destroying. Where one couldn't live without the other. This is about a father-son relationship that will make you awe and your heart clenches with agony


Jaejoong hold the steady gaze between them. He brought Yunho’s hand to his chest as he said, “Appa, make love to me,”

It needed a minute for Yunho to process what had his beloved just said. Honestly, Yunho also wanted the same thing. Seeing his beloved, in his all naked glory, with wet hair, swollen lips (from kissing), bids of water rolled down to his abs, and a pale pretty cock of Jaejoong pressed up against his stomach were a pure torture for him.

“I can’t. We can’t, Jaejoong,”

“Why? We love each other, Appa. Please, make love to me. I... want it for so long. I can’t bear it anymore,” Jaejoong slowly rocked his body against Yunho. Yunho shutted his eyes as he felt the urge to moan from his son’s action. Jaejoong’s cock slowly standing up. Yunho’s body stiffened as he fought himself to just slam Jaejoong down and take him right and then. Feeling no response, Jaejoong fasten his pace and grinded his ass harder on his appa’s semi-hard cock. He moaned loudly when Yunho’s cock slipped between his ass cheeks.

“Please, appa... take me. Claim me as yours. Although it’s different, I can do what women can do, what umma can do. I love you, please...”

Yunho didn’t need to tell twice, he brought Jaejoong up with his arms around his lithe body as Jaejoong automatically wrapped his legs around his waist and his arms clung at his neck. Yunho could feel Jaejoong’s smile on his neck as he brought the two of them to the bedroom.

He laid Jaejoong gently on the bed and began kissing his mouth. He thrust his tongue on Jaejoong’s mouth as the latter’s hands roamed on his back.

“Boo, are you sure? Once we start it, I’ll never be able to stop,” Yunho caressed Jaejoong’s cheek.

“Don’t stop,” Jaejoong was breathless from the kissing. He cupped Yunho’s face and pulled him down to kiss his lips for a moment and led him to his neck.

Yunho was sucking, licking, and bitting on his neck leaving red spots. He went to Jaejoong’s ear and licked the earlobe.

“Aaahh...” Jaejoong moaned. Yunho could feel Jaejoong’s cock poking his stomach from downside because of his ministrations.

Yunho mouth were descending to a wide column of pale neck presented before him. He bited Jaejoong’s skin and then sucked the red mark made the biy beneath moaned in heat. Jaejoong’s hands were roaming over Yunho’s back, sometimes he tugged the little hair near his neck when he felt too much pleasure.

Finally Yunho arrived at Jaejoong’s nipples. Jaejoong blushed at Yunho who was staring blantantly at his body, especially his nipples. He was glad that his effort using beauty products was not useless. His father was truly enchanted by his body.

That fact made Jaejoong more confident. He put his fingers on both his nipples. He rolled the perky nubs between his fingers. The dark haired man’s cock twitched to see his son slutty action.

“Appa...” Jaejoong moaned while staring at him. Yunho couldn’t stand it anymore. He gently removed the hands on the nubs and replaced it with his own mouth and fingers. His mouth was on the left nipple while his fingers on the right.

Yunho poked the pink nub with the tip of his tounge. Jaejoong gripped the back of his hair urging him to do more. He pinched Jaejoong’s right nipple playfully when finally he took the other nub into his mouth.

“A-Ah... Ah... Ngghh...” Jaejoong moaned shamelessly. How could he not? He was always so sensitive on nipples (he hopelessly admitted to him self he often masturbated with only fingers playing on his nipples and imagining Yunho naked and doing naughty things. He could cum just like that) and Yunho was sucking him like a vacuum.

Yunho mouth moved to the other nipple to give the twin same treatment. Yunho’s long fingers were now playing with saliva-coated nub. It felt slippery making it easy for him to flicked the pink nub back and forth with his thumb.

After minutes playing with Jaejoong’s nipples, Yunho pulled away to see his creation. Jaejoong’s body were flushed in pink. There were some red marks on his neck but what made Yunho proud was the red blotches around Jaejoong’s nipples area as evidence of Yunho’s sucking skills.

Yunho went down again to Jaejoong stomach when the boy gripped at his boxer waist bands. “Take it off, take it off... Jaejoongie wants to see Appa’s cock,”

Yunho chuckled at his son’s eager behavior so he just kneeled in front of him and let Jaejoong yanked down his black boxer.

Fascinated was understatement. Jaejoong was amazed. His doe eyes went wide at the beautiful view that he had been dreamt on. His beloved Appa’s cock were standing proudly and pointing to the ceiling. The soft curls of hair nestled above the cock. The cock it self was an art. It was long, thick, and veiny, and a bit red on the head. So gorgeous.

Jaejoong sat up so his face was on the same level with Yunho’s cock. His hand carefully curled on the cock and slided it up and down. Yunho thrown his head back in pleasure.

Jaejoong brought up the cock to nuzzle it on his cheek. He closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply the strong musky scent his Appa had. Jaejoong’s eyes opened when he felt a hand gripped his hair. He looked up and saw the lust filled eyes of Yunho to him.

“Suck it.” Yunho’s voice was deep. Jaejoong’s lips were trembling with excitement. He couldn’t believe he would taste his Appa’s cock. He kissed the crown of Yunho’s head with open mouth. Then he dragged his tounge to the base of Yunho’s cock and licked the vein underneath. Jaejoong’s cock twitched when he felt his father shuddering.

When he was on the head again, he took the length all the way to his throat. Jaejoong was not experienced, but he practiced before with his fingers so he wouldn’t gag. He contracted his throat muscle to tease Yunho while his right was gripping Yunho’s cock tightly and the other was feeling his thigh up and down.

Yunho groaned at the pretty sight beneath him. Jaejoong’s full plump lips were looked even more pretty with his cock between them. His son was performing one of the most arousing action why could he still look at him so innocently?

Yunho closed his eyes tightly when he felt Jaejoong sucked his member hard. He gripped the boy’s raven hair tighter making Jaejoong moaned. The vibrations sending waves of pleasure to his spine.

Much to Jaejoong’s disappointment, Yunho suddenly pulled his cock away from his mouth. He whined and asked for his cock again but soon stopped when his Appa was laying him down on the bed again and spreaded his legs apart.

A bit of shyness Jaejoong was supporting at the start were gone. The raven gripped the back of his knees as he brought up his milky legs to his chest. Jaejoong presented Yunho his pretty little cock and pale globes with little red star peeking between them.

Yunho was amazed at how hot Jaejoong was being right now. As long as he knew, Jaejoong was still a virgin, so how did he learn these acts?

“Boo, who taught you these?” Yunho asked. Jaejoong’s eyes shown disappointment, but his hold on his legs never flattered.

“I-I watched p-porn, Appa... Donghae gave me that. He said I must watch this for my first time,” Jaejoong blinked at him innocently. He didn’t know that Donghae gave him so he could learn stuff from the male porn star not from the female.

Yunho immediately crushed his lips against Jaejoong. “Oh God, Boo...” their tongues danced in a sweet battle. Yunho was truly glad that his Boo made an effort to please him. It made Yunho also realized, so that means he already planned to give his first time to him?

Yunho pecked Jaejoong’s swollen lips for the last as he went down to Jaejoong’s cock. He licked the pink, glistening cock and glided his tongue down to his balls. Jaejoong tangled his hand to Yunho’s hair and the other grabbed the bed sheet tightly as his cock spurted pre-cums.

Yunho grabbed the full globes before him and spreaded them apart revealing the little red hole, The Highway to Heaven. Yunho immediately latched his mouth to the hole as he kissed it. He licked the outer part of the hole and traced every wrinkled of Jaejoong’s skin as his hands massaged the pale globes. He could hear Jaejoong’s moaning and mewling up there and it made Yunho more aroused.

He thrusted his tongue inside the Jaejoong’s hole. He thrusted it in and out, in and out as his tongue occasionally licked the walls inside. Jaejoong was screaming and wailing above him. His walls muscles massaged his tongue.

To step up the action, Yunho put a finger under his tongue into Jaejoong. His finger rubbed on Jaejoong’s walls as he searched for the pleasure spot. He dug deeper and crooked his finger to the left and finally found the spot. Yunho purposingly pressed on the bud. The second time he did that, Jaejoong immediately creamed. He spurted out a rather lot of sticky white substance that landed on his stomach.

The tall man pulled away to see his Boo in his after glow. His body flushed and glistened in a thin sheet of sweats. His big eyes were teary because of too much pleasure and there were saliva on the corner of his mouth. Yunho kissed him again on the lips passionately.

“Are you sure you want to continue this, Boo?” Yunho asked between kisses. Jaejoong nodded.

“I’ve dreamt this for a long time. Don’t stop now, Appa,” Jaejoong put both hands on his father’s cheeks to deepening the kiss.

He gasped when Yunho shoved the second finger into him. He tried to spread his legs wider so Yunho could get more access. Jaejoong was whimpering when his father did a scissor motion inside him. He didn’t want anymore preparing now. He wanted his Appa now. He needed his Appa inside him. Now.

Jaejoong pulled Yunho’s fingers out of his hole. “Enough Appa, take me now,” he said.

Yunho growled at his son’s words. He gripped the base of his cock and guided it to Jaejoong’s hole. “Hold on, baby. It may hurt a lot,” Yunho whispered on his ear. Jaejoong wounded his arms on the man and nodded.

Jaejoong was so tight. His muscles gripped Yunho’s thick cock so thigtly like a glove. He pushed deeper into Jaejoong but in a slow motion so it wouldn’t be more hurt. Jaejoong’s eyes were scrunched. It clearly showed Yunho of pain expression so Yunho kissed Jaejoong’s lips gently and stroke his cheek.

“Ahh... Aahh...”

“Relax, sweetheart. Don’t clench on me so tightly,” Yunho said as he slowly buried him self in Jaejoong into the hilt. He waited for some minutes for Jaejoong to adjust. “Are you ready?”

Jaejoong weakly nodded. His energy were drained from the penetration. Yunho slowly moved his member in and out of Jaejoong as he tried to search for the same spot that made Jaejoong saw stars earlier.

“Uh, ah, ah, ungh... sshh...” Jaejoong started to moan out loud. The pleasure was getting inside him.

“Boo! Nghh...” Yunho thrusted into many angles. His hands gripped Jaejoong’s thin legs and brought them up so he could thrust easier.

“AH! Appa! Yesss... there! H-Harder, Appa! Hit that harder! Angh..!” Jaejoong wailed and moaned shamelessly like bitch in heat. Feeling not enough, Yunho wrapped his arms around his son’s slender body and brought him to sit on him. He knew that Jaejoong already tired, so Yunho gripped the thin waist and bounced his pretty son up and down onto him as Yunho himself thrusted upwards.

“Oh God! Too much... Ah! Ah! Ah! I love you, Appa! I love you so much!” to respond to Jaejoong’s open declaration on him, Yunho kissed him hard as he thrusted harder. The sound of skin slapping, the sight of Jaejoong’s cock bouncing up and down on his stomach, plus Jaejoong’s screaming and moaning were too much on him.

Yunho’s hands were feeling on Jaejoong’s body. He caressed his waist and stopped at the boy’s nipples to play with them. Jaejoong himslef looked like he was already full of energy and right now was fucking himself onto Yunho’s dick.

“A-Appa... bite them! Aahh... yes, it feels so good... oh God, chew them, Appa! Chew them! Ssshhh...” Jaejoong throwed his head back as he jutted out his chest to get more of Yunho’s mouth.

Jaejoong pace was getting faster as he screaming non stop at every thrust Yunho made. Jaejoong’s cock once again spurted pre-cum. Yunho also felt a familiar constricting feeling in his lower abdomen. He lied down Jaejoong again on the bed as he put the raven boy’s legs to his shoulders as he thrusted in more wild pace.

“APPA! I’M CUMMING... I’M CUMMING!” Jaejoong screamed as his blunt nails were scrapping Yunho’s back.

“Uh! T-Together, Boo!”

“KISS! KISS! KISS!” Jaejoong grabbed Yunho’s neck as the older man leaned down a bit and received the most agressive kiss his son ever did.

Jaejoong was coming. His face was scrunched in pleasure and his mouth opened in silent screaming as cock bursted out a lot amount of come that sprayed on Yunho’s abs and his own. Jaejoong spurted come thrice until finally his cock going limp and he lied down exhausted almost fainting from the pleasure and tiredness that come along.

After Jaejoong’s first spurting, Yunho saw white explosions behind his eyelids. He nestled his cock deep in Jaejoong. He flooded Jaejoong’s hot walls with his warm seeds. It was a lot, Yunho couldn’t even remember the last time he came this hard.

He carefully dropped down to Jaejoong’s body. Their chest were meet and they could feel their heart beat were beating as one.

“Are you tired?” Yunho was staring at the boy who was still panting. He pushed aside Jaejoong’s bangs and kissed his sweaty forehead. Jaejoong turned to him and smiled oh-so-sweetly at him. So fucking beautiful.

“Mmh...” Jaejoong nodded. “But it was amazing, Appa. You’re great,” Jaejoong stroke his Appa’s cheek and pecked him on the mouth. Yunho smiled and almost pulled out his member when a pair of legs locked his body prevented him from moving.

“Don’t! Don’t pull out...” Jaejoong said to him. “Let me feel Appa until the morning comes,” he blushed.

“Okay,” his Appa smiled. Yunho wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s frame and pulled him in his embrace.

Two souls were basking on each other’s love in the arms of the person they loved. Two bodies for the first time were uniting as one. It would be a romantic scene, in some love movies, if not for the fact that the people who performed it were father and son, a relationship which was connected by blood.

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Now that was sinful...*fanning myself*

absolutely delicious! moreeeeee!!

Oh my god.... This was amazing!! The smut scene was amazing,, no no it was perfect .. simply it's one of the best and perfect sex scenes I ever read!!
Thanks sweetie and I'm waiting for more ♡^♡

One of the best smut ever. Actually I really don't understand why a child can loves his/her parent like a lover. But yunjae make it to be so beautiful and sweet. <3

I miss this story so much. :(

Is this finish or are there more?

I'm sorry I dont have any plan to continue it. this fic has been on hiatus for years. I may continue it after I graduate from college. thx for commenting~

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