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I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin; Chapter 3
itle : Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin

Author : fikaputri

Genre : Incest, Angst, Romantic, Drama

Rating : PG13 to NC17

Pairing : Yunjae, Yungi, Jaehoon

Length : Short Chaptered

Warnings: Some profanities, incest, boyxboy love relationship

Disclaimer : This story based on the plot made by my friend, ncunsu . None of these characters are real

Summary: What could be describe as their love? Forbiden and destroying. Where one couldn't live without the other. This is about a father-son relationship that will make you awe and your heart clenches with agony

Jihoon, who was playing his PSP now shocked when he heard his crush asked him to be his boyfriend. He threw the PSP on the bed and focused on Jaejoong.

“Wait Jae, are you serious?”

With a determined look on his face Jaejoong said, “I can’t be anymore serious than this,”

In his room, Jihoon jumped in joy silently. He threw his fist on the air as a victory sign.

“Thank you, Jae! Thank you!” he cried out happily to the telephone. On the other side, Jaejoong just smiled bitterly. A big part of him told him it was wrong.

“So, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven?” Jihoon asked. He couldn’t wait for school tomorrow.

“I guess not,” Jaejoong shook his head. “My appa usually drives me to school,”

“But I’m your boyfriend now, Jae,” Jihoon said feel a bit giddy at the word ‘boyfriend’. “I’m supposed to pick you up for school every morning, making sure you’re safe with me,”

Jaejoong almost scoffed instantly at Jihoon, he wanted to spat him that no man could making him feel safe but his appa. But of course he didn’t tell him that.

“...Okay. don’t be late,” he said finally.

“Of course, babe. I love you,” Jihoon made kissing sounds. Without even bother to give him feedback, Jaejoong cutted the line.

He put his handphone on the table then lied on the bed. He was having a boyfriend now, a handsome one at that. Would his appa be jealous? Jaejoong could hope so.

Jaejoong felt a gentle pressure on his shoulders. He turned his head and saw his mother was looking at him with a concerned look.

“Jaejoong-ah, are you alright, sweetheart?” Seulgi asked. Right, she must be wondering about his behaviour yesterday. Jaejoong faked a smile at her.

“I’m alright, umma,” his mom nodded at him and sat opposite him on the dinning chair.

“What happened?” a deep voice suddenly appeared. Yunho sat on the head of the dinning table as every fathers would sit. He always so sensitive about little things that happened on Jaejoong. Jaejoong still remained silent, so Yunho threw a questioned look at his wife. Seulgi approached him.

“It’s okay, darling. Nothing happened,” Seulgi reassured him although he didn’t look quite convinced.

Yunho wore a suit with black stripped shirt and a black tie for today. He looked breathtakingly handsome as always. Then Jaejoong realized that his Yunho appa’s tie was quite undone. It would always be a reason for him (done his appa’s tie) to touch him in the morning. Jaejoong was half standing to approach his appa when his mother beat him and reached Yunho first.

“Yunho-yah, when will you ever learn to do this, hm?” she affectionaly asked him as her skillful hands done his tie. Yunho’s brows frowned as he stared at his wife’s hands on him. Yunho’s lips pouted as he focused on Seulgi’s steps to do the tie. After she finished, she looked up to her husband lovingly. “But it’s pretty cute of you, don’t you know that?” she kissed the tip of Yunho’s nose before sat back on her chair.

Then Yunho’s eyes gazed on his son who was frozen, half standing from the chair, with eyes locked on him. It would be a silly position, if Jaejoong’s expression didn’t show much of disappointment and sadness. Jaejoong slumped back on his chair as he averted his eyes everywhere on the floor but his father, knowing he would be losing control if he did that.

Yunho suddenly felt a pang on his heart when he saw a dejected look of his beloved. He didn’t know why, but he had an urge to come to him, to stroke his hair, and told him it was just a kiss on the nose and he would kiss him everywhere he wanted to make up for everything. He also didn’t know why Jaejoong was so angry for a thing like this. Maybe Jaejoong felt the same like he did?

‘No,’ Yunho thought. ‘I’m his father,’ Yunho averted his eyes to Mikyung and Hyerim who were bickering over a toast. ‘And an old one at that’ he mentally said as he looked at his wife who was still obvious about everything.

Yunho glanced down at his rolex and saw it pointed on seven. He wiped his mouth and grabbed his suitcase.

“Jaejoong, let’s—“ but his words were cutted by a door bell.

“Let me open it,” Jaejoong stood up. He glanced at Yunho before he walked towards the door.

“Annyeong!” a cheerful Jihoon greeted him. Jaejoong rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Annyeong,” he answered.

“Who is this, Boo?” Yunho suddenly appeared. Jaejoong looked back and forth at Yunho and Jihoon, at loss of words.

“Well, you must be Mr. Jung. Good morning, Mr. Jung, I’m Jihoon, Jaejoong’s boyfriend,” he smiled and offered a hand.

But Yunho looked utterly shocked. Had he heard it correctly? Boyfriend? His Boo had a boyfriend?

Yunho looked at Jaejoong, demanding an answer but Jaejoong didn’t look at him. He hung his head low and stared on the floor. Jaejoong could feel Yunho’s eyes bore at him.

Jihoon awkwardly pulled his hand back when Yunho didn’t even bother to accept his hand. He stared at Yunho who looked furious. Well, maybe Jaejoong hadn’t tell him about their relationship so his father was acting like that. he continued to stare at the both, finding it rather amusing.

Jaejoong slowly lifted up his head. However, he made this decision to make Yunho knew how was it feel to be jealous. He didn’t want to be the only one who always had this feeling. He wanted Yunho to be jealous so maybe... maybe, he would kiss him senseless, said that he loved him only—

“Jung Jaejoong, explain it to me NOW,” Yunho hissed at him. Jaejoong felt a bit scratch on his heart when he heard his appa with his full name. Never in the world, his appa would do that. It was the first.

Jaejoong took a deep breath and said, “Yes, appa, Jihoon is my boyfriend,” Yunho’s eyes widened slightly. He looked like he had been slapped on the face. Yunho was frozen. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say. To know his beloved already had a boyfriend... how long he had been hide this from him? Maybe his Jaejoong didn’t ever love him after all like Yunho had expected. Maybe it was just him, who had this forbidden love...

“Jaejoong?” Seulgi appeared. Jihoon acknowlegded her at his mother and politely greeted her. After a few exchanging smiles, Jihoon finally took Jaejoong’s hand in his.

“Jaejoong-ah, let’s go to school now,” he tugged Jaejoong’s hand with him slightly but Jaejoong didn’t move. He after all, didn’t pay attention to him instead he stared at his father who looked away, like he refused to see them. Jaejoong swiftly slipped off from Jihoon’s grip and approached his stood-like-statue like appa. Jaejoong hesitantly hold Yunho’s forearms and tiptoed to kiss Yunho.

Jaejoong’s eyelids fluttered down as he leaned forward. From the corner of his eyes, Jaejoong could see Jihoon and his mother watched him silently. Should he kiss his father? He always kissed Yunho on his lips, but Jaejoong felt it was a bit inappropiate if he kissed him in front of Jihoon, the so called new boyfriend. But when Jaejoong saw his father whose eyes gazed deeply at him, he didn’t fucking care anymore. He would kiss him like he used to. Jaejoong pressed his velvet lips against his father’s and he pulled away in a two seconds. In an instant, Yunho turned his head away from Jaejoong and oh, did he feel so hurt by this. Seulgi’s jaw tensed when she saw this. In her morality rule, no matter how much a father and son loved each other, they shouldn’t be kissing in every fucking time.

“Let’s go Jihoon-ah,” Jaejoong said his shocked boyfriend and walked first to his car. When Jihoon’s car was running out of sight, Yunho abruptly walked to his own car and sped off.

“Yunho-yah...” Seulgi mumbled as she watched his husband leave. Now came the time she always been scared of; his husband was loving Jaejoong too much to let him had a boyfriend.

The next few weeks had been rough for Yunho. He couldn’t get to drive Jaejoong to school again because there was Jihoon now to do that stuff and Jaejoong would constantly spent time with Jihoon and their friends in a weekend, leaving Yunho felt lonely even though there was still Seulgi and their daughters around him.

Yunho couldn’t understand his beloved though. Jaejoong already has a boyfriend and he looked happy with it but sometimes, often even, the teen beauty would throw a secret glances at him and when Yunho caught him, he would look away and blushed a deep shade of pink. Jaejoong also did some affectionate things towards him, like caressed his arms, gave him massages etc.

What did he want? Yunho didn’t know. In one time, Jaejoong would stared at him affectionally but then, in a next few seconds, he would chat with Jihoon cheerfuly through the phone. All of Jaejoong’s behaviors lately made his moods turned upside down and it made him feel like he was having a highschool crush again.

Today, Seulgi, Mikyung and Hyerim would go to Gwangju to visit his parents. His mother was sick, but Seulgi was been the only one to be able to take free days at work. She brought their daughters with her though because she knew Yunho wouldn’t be able to take care of them considering his own busy job. But she thankful, she had Jaejoong to take care of Yunho at home.

Yunho worriedly glanced at the clock. It was already 8 p.m. Jaejoong said he would arrive before seven but it’s already more than an hour since that. He tried to call Jaejoong’s phone once again but he was connected with voice mall instead. Yunho put his elbows on his knees as he constantly glanced towards the door while waiting for his beloved’s arrival. He looked at his phone to check if there was a message from Jaejoong but apparently, there was none but his eyes caught something on the corner of the sreen of his phone. It was said, “Boo’s birthday”.

Yunho smacked his own head. Stupid. How could he forget that?! today was Jaejoong’s birthday and he completely forgot it. The he realized the meaning of Jaejoong’s looks he threw at him this morning. He was expecting him to say happy birthday to him, he was expecting him to remember his most important day but apparently he didn’t. He had been busied with works these days, many important clients gave him so many cases for him to handle and he wanted to busy his mind from thinking about Jaejoong and the boyfriend. What is he doing now? Has he been kissed by him? have them ‘do’ that? those questions revolved around Yunho and refused to leave him alone. Then Yunho stood up and grabbed fro his car key as he decided to search for Jaejoong. He hadn’t prepare any present to him yet, but the most important was to have Jaejoong home first. He tried to remember where Jihoon’s house was. He had been there once, when he fetched Jaejoong. He finally arrived in front of Jihoon’s house. He was proud of himself for not being lost. He took a stepped forward to the front door. When Yunho was about to knock, he heard a faint whimper came from the house. Yunho stopped imidiately. His curiousity came up. He put his ear onto the door to hear  it more clearly. A lot whimpers and a muffled scream heard. Yunho’s eyes widened. Could it be..?

Yunho opened the door. Luckily, it wasn’t locked. He took a sight at the guest room and saw it pretty messed up. He followed the sounds and found it came from the room with a slightly opened door. He shocked when he saw the insides of the room.

Jihoon, only clad in his boxers, hovered on top of his Jaejoong. Jihoon’s mouth sucked on Jaejoong’s neck while his hands undone his pants. Jaejoong’s brows were scrunched up and he bit on his bottom lips. a clear sign that he wasn’t enjoy this a bit. Jaejoong’s hands also on Jihoon’s chest to shove him away, but what could he do? Jihoon was stronger and bigger than him. Jihoon was about to pull out the pants from Jaejoong completely when suddenly a punch was landed on his jaw.

Jihoon landed on the floor. He wiped a string of blood from his cutted lips. “Dammit,” he looked up to see the person who punched him and disturb him while he was having a little fun. Then the boy gasped. A man, with a fisted hands and apparent angry look, glared on him.

“M-Mr. Jung...” he stuttered. But Yunho come to him again and gave him a punch again, now on his stomach.

“How dare you to touch him...” he hissed as he grabbed his collars in a roughly manner. Yunho then punched him again and again. Jihoon couldn’t even defense himself as Yunho as an adult man was much stronger than him. His lips chanted, “Sorry... sorry... sorry...” but Yunho wouldn’t stop.

“How dare you... how dare you... how dare you...” Yunho said it as he added the punch between the phase. He didn’t stop until he felt familiar hands tried to grabbed his arms to stop him for punching the poor boy.

“Appa! Stop, please... appa!” Jaejoong hugged him from behind and Yunho slowly calmed down. Even though his anger didn’t just disappeared, he managed to stop himself from punching Jihoon. He could feel a wet stain on his back. His Jaejoong was crying.

“Appa... let’s go home,” he whispered faintly. Yunho let go the almost unconscious boy and slumped him hard on the floor. Yunho turned his body facing Jaejoong. He felt his heart was breaking when he saw the stance Jaejoong was at. His hair was messed up, there were two purple marks on his neck that Jihoon made on him. Yunho’s anger rised up again but when he took a good look on Jaejoong’s face, he soon forgot it. Jaejoong’s face was wet in tears. His eyes were swollen, so were his trembling lips. Yunho then embraced him to make sure Jaejoong feeling safe in his arms.  He gently took off his jacket and placed it over Jaejoong’s body after he found that the shirt Jaejoong was wearing before was ripped apart. Jaejoong didn’t say anything, he just sobbed silently as Yunho guided him to the door. Yunho threw a last dirty look on Jihoon before they stepped out of the house.

Jaejoong was silent during the trip to home. After they had arrived, Yunho carried him bridal style. Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck and buried his face on Yunho’s chest. Yunho put him gently on the bed but Jaejoong tighten his grip on Yunho as he didn’t want his father to leave.

“I’ll set the bath for you,” Yunho said. But Jaejoong shook his head stubbornly. “Just give me five minutes, okay?” Yunho pecked his forehead and Jaejoong unwillingly let him go.

When Yunho had left, Jaejoong couldn’t help but recalled everything. Jihoon had touched him, in the way he only wanted his father to touch him. He remembered those lips sucking on his neck, marking him... he felt so dirty. He should’ve known this. Jihoon had the guts on him for too long. Jaejoong knew, because the look Jihoon had on him was the same look he gave to his father. And now he became Jaejoong’s boyfriend, he thought he could own him. Jihoon might had touched his body, but not in forever he would touch his heart. Because it would solely belonged to... his eyes imidiately averted to the man who just exited the bathroom. Oh, did he love this man he called father so much...

But the memories of the last hour flashed suddenly and made him feel even more dirty. Now, how could he face his father with his dirty self? As far as he knew, Yunho always preferred pure, innocent person over a tainted one. And Jaejoong had been tainted. He was dirty. He was not anymore Jaejoong who was innocent, so pure like an angel. Yunho would not love him anymore...

“Boo?” Yunho touched his shoulders gently. He examined his son’s dark expression and he was crying again.

‘Did he just stop minutes ago? Why did he cry again?’ Yunho wondered but he decided to not ask him. Then he guided Jaejoong to the bathroom where he had set lukewarm water for his bath. Jaejoong lifelessly stood before him as his father took off his clothing one by one. He took off the jacket Yunho had put on him as the boy shuddered from the chill air hit his naked chest. Yunho unzipped Jaejoong’s pants and tossed it as the pants soon join the jacket on the tile floor. He looked at Jaejoong and felt him trembling slightly. Somehow, Yunho felt embarassed undressing his son. He didn’t know why, but imagined he would see Jaejoong’s jewel stirred something in him. But Yunho soon felt guilty. Jaejoong was almost been raped and here he imagined how was Jaejoong’s cock? What a wonderful father he was. Then Yunho threw his dirty thoughts away as he slid Jaejoong off from his boxers and soon, Jaejoong stood in front of him in all his naked glory. He was as nude as a baby was born. He was so beautiful. His Jaejoong. The bright rays of the bathroom’s lamp made his alabaster skin looked glowing. The broad shoulders trimmed to the slender waist. And Jaejoong’s body was hairless and looked so clean. He would put an angel to shame.

Jaejoong flushed in pink like his body. To see his father like that, seeing him in a most private way, with nothing covered his nude body made him felt so embarrased but somehow excited. Yunho kept staring at his body like he was staring at an artificial creature. Jaejoong wanted to read his mind, was Yunho disappointed of his body? Or not? But Yunho soon woke up from his trance and led Jaejoong to the bath tub. Jaejoong slipped his foot in the water and felt warmth spreading through his body. He sat himself on the tub until the water was on his chest. Yunho took a shower puff and poured some liquid soap Jaejoong always loved on the puff and started rubbing on Jaejoong’s body. Yunho rubbed him gently, so carefully like one rough scrub would make him break. But Jaejoong hated it. He didn’t deserve this. he didn’t deserve his father’s loving and care considering how dirty he was. He even wanted to vomit if he remembered it.  He was so disgusted at himself. Yunho didn’t deserved him. he shouldn’t even touch him. Yunho’s hands should’ve touched pure things, not him. Suddenly Jaejoong snatched the shower puff from Yunho’s hands and began rubbing himself. He rubbed harshly at the red mark on his neck, his arms and chest until the skin turned red.

“Boo! What are you doing?!” Yunho was shocked to see how furious Jaejoong was. He cried loudly as he rubbed his skin red.

‘I must be clean again. I mustn’t be dirty... I must be a thing Yunho appa would touch...’  he bit his lower lips as his skin began to hurt.

“Boo! Stop!” Yunho tried to grab Jaejoong’s hands but his beloved refused to stop. He kept rubbing on a red spot on his chest.

“It won’t gone...” Jaejoong kept rubbed his chest roughly. “Please gone!! Gone away, dammit!” Jaejoong sped up his hands on his chest and Yunho soon enveloped Jaejoong’s fragile body so his hands would trap between their body. The water splashed everywhere as Yunho abruptly turned his body to Jaejoong and made him wet his shirt and pants.

“Boo, please stop... stop it,” Yunho coaxed him and in a second, Jaejoong melted in his arms and sobbed on his chest. He fisted Yunho’s shirt tightly. When they parted, Jaejoong  slowly pulled Yunho in the bath tub. Like gravity, Yunho gladly followed him as he took off his shirt and pants on the way, leaving him only clad in boxers. Yunho positioned himself on the tub while Jaejoong sat himself between Yunho’s legs. Yunho wrapped himself around Jaejoong’s waist. And oh... did it feel so good feeling Jaejoong’s bare skin against him. Jaejoong slowly lifted his hands and traced them from his chest, neck and finally to his face. He cupped Yunho’s cheeks with both of his palms and caressed them lightly with his thumbs. Jaejoong searched in his eyes. From Yunho’s point of view, the way Jaejoong looked at him was so overwhelming. It filled him with so much love it almost scared him. Yunho didn’t know how a 17 years old boy could love that much and showed it with a pure honest in his eyes. Wait, 17 years old? Oh yeah. He remembered it again. He hadn’t even say him happy birthday yet but when he was about to say it, Jaejoong leaned up closer to him. Jaejoong was on his knees when he put a gentle kiss to his upper cheeks. Both of them closed their eyes. Jaejoong was shivered a bit as he fanned hot breaths onto Yunho’s face. Then Jaejoong slowly dragged his lips down to his jaw, kissing him with open mouth, trailing wet kisses to his chin. Jaejoong felt so excited and desperate as well. His heart beat too loud, he was even sure Yunho could feel his pounding heart as their body now practically glued together. Jaejoong brought his lips to Yunho’s but not kissed him yet. Their lips were just slightly touched. Jaejoong blow a hot breath onto Yunho’s mouth as he eagerly sucked it in. Then slowly but sure, Jaejoong pressed his lips upon Yunho’s. They had already kissed many times before but this time was different. It was because it’s only them who were here, in this house not like the time before when Seulgi or Mikyung and Hyerim would probably appear and ruin everything. And their almost bare body made it complete.

Yunho’s hands crept slowly to Jaejoong’s bare back and he put one of his hand to the back of Jaejoong’s neck to pull him more closer as he encouraged the kiss. The kiss was hesitant at first, it started with a few light pecks. But when Jaejoong felt his appa’s hands, he pushed himself more to Yunho. They kissed deeper as it turned somewhat passionate. Yunho licked Jaejoong’s lower lips and Jaejoong, more than happy, opened his mouth for his appa. They battled their tongue for dominance as their curled at each other’s. The saliva slowly dripping from the corner of Jaejoong’s mouth but he couldn’t careless. His father’s taste was so sweet he desperate for it. Jaejoong gasped from the intense kissing and Yunho took it as a chance to probe his tongue inside Jaejoong’s mouth. He licked his moist cavern (and felt his beloved’s tongue poked him from below), he licked the inside of Jaejoong’s cheeks and swapped his tongue over his teeth. Jaejoong moaned loudly, as he encouraged Yunho to do more. He sucked on the pink flesh made Jaejoong groaned. The pretty boy tighten his grip on his hair as it started to make his head hurts but he didn’t care. He let go of Jaejoong’s mouth as the boys started to lap his tongue on his chin like a puppy. Jaejoong licked it, he grazed on his stubble with his teeth. Yunho groaned and opened his eyes slightly. The view he was seeing in front of himself made him pulled away as much as Jaejoong’s dislike. The boy, whom he had raised and loved for 17 years were looking at his appa with lust and desire he shouldn’t have had. His hair dishelved sexily and his lips swollen red from the kissing and Yunho could see a trail of saliva on the corner of his mouth.

Yunho closed his eyes tightly and tried to think about it clearly. ‘what has he done with Jaejoong? He has kissed him... like a lover would’ Yunho unconsciously massaged his suddenly hurt head. Jaejoong just stared at him confusedly. The pretty boy obviously didn’t have any idea what he had done wrong to make Yunho stopped the kissing. Maybe he wasn’t good enough?

Yunho felt angry to himself. ‘how could I do that? he almost been raped by his ex-boyfriend and now, me, his father would do the same to him too? What the fuck was I thinking?!’

Jaejoong’s gentle caress on his cheeks made his eyes open again. Jaejoong was staring at him confusedly. “Appa, why do we stop? Did I do it wrongly?”

Yunho shook his head slightly. “Boo, I... We... “ he stuttered as he couldn’t find the words to say. He wanted to tell Jaejoong to stop everything but he couldn’t. Everything was just feel so right.

Jaejoong shut him up with a kiss. Then he sat back on Yunho’s lap and he leaned his body on Yunho. He placed his head on his chest as he caressed his appa’s muscled chest with his right hand while his left stroke the tip of his appa’s hair. Jaejoong felt so comfortable. The water around them made the gesture felt so intimate.

“Appa, don’t worry too much... I’m alright if it’s you,” Jaejoong said as he rubbed Yunho’s chest with his thumb affectionately. “I... Appa, I want to tell you something,” Yunho looked at him. “But please don’t be mad at me,” Yunho just nodded.

“Appa, I love you. Please don’t think it’s love between son and father. Yes, I love you as a son but... it’s a lot more than that. I know it’s wrong. A guy mustn’t love another guy even more his own father, but I can’t help it, Appa... I’ve loved you for years, since I knew what love was, I’ve loved you. Sometimes I feel so angry. Why I have to be born a male and pretty much your son? The situation would’ve been easier if I were a female...” Jaejoong paused for a moment. Yunho could feel Jaejoong’s tears on his chest. He hesitantly lifted up his hand to stroke Jaejoong’s arms.

“But then I realized, if I were a girl and not your child, maybe I wouldn’t ever met you at all,” Jaejoong kissed Yunho’s chest lovingly. He looked up to look at his appa’s almond eyes. The eyes that somewhat told him that his feeling was mutual. “You’re the one I’ve ever wanted, Appa, not anyone else. Love me, Appa... love me like you love umma, love me not as your son, love me with everything you have, love me like I love you, Appa, please love me...” Jaejoong’s soft voices turned slightly like a whimper as he was crying and kissing Yunho’s chest over and over again, so Yunho would never doubt his feelings. As desperate as he was.

“You don’t love me enough, Boo... you have a boyfriend,” wait, shit, why did Yunho feel like he was about to cry too?

“Because I wanted you to feel jealous! I wanted you to feel what I feel these years of me loving you silently! Because you have umma for you and I can’t do anything about it!” Jaejoong snapped making Yunho surprised. Was it true? So his Boo did it so he would feel jealous?

“Jaejoong, I... I love you too,” there, Yunho finally spilled it. Jaejoong’s eyes wide open and he imidiatelly stopped his light punches on Yunho. “As a father, I know I’ve always loved you more than my other children. But as the times goes and you has grown up, I know I love you not as a father anymore. I feel so sick, Boo. It’s so wrong for a father to love his son like this. But I can’t help it but to love you even more everday. Do you know how I felt when that Jihoon boy came to our home for the first time? My world had crumbled down, Boo. I felt I’ve been betrayed. I thought you store the same feeling toward me but when you introduced him as your boyfriend, I...” a lone tear managed to escape from his eyes. Yunho choked in his words, he couldn’t even finish the sentence as it hurts him too much to think about it. Jaejoong gently wiped it away as he coaxed Yunho, “Ssshh... don’t cry...” and Yunho felt like their role had been inversed.

“I’m posessive, Boo. I don’t want you near anyone else but me. I want to chain you to me so you wouldn’t be able to leave me, no matter how sick it sounds,”

“I’ll be glad to be chained to you forever...”

Jaejoong got up, he cupped Yunho’s cheeks. Jaejoong was smiling so widely. He didn’t remember he ever feel any happier than this. Knowing Yunho was as crazy, as sick as he was. Knowing that Yunho love him above all. They stared at each other’s eyes as the love strongly gazed between them. The truth was reaveled, there was no need of them to hide it anymore.

“Appa, do you remember what day is today?” Jaejoong was grinning like an idiot because being in love wasn’t that hurt anymore for him.

“Of course, today is my beloved’s birthday. Happy birthday, Boo. I love you,” Yunho kissed him and after some moments, then they parted with a wet smacking sound made Jaejoong blushed. And Yunho continue, “But I’m so sorry, Boo. I haven’t prepared you a cake or a present. Appa is so sorry, forgive me?” Yunho chuckled as Jaejoong pouted and told him he was supposed to prepare it a month earlier. “Alright, alright... so what can I do to make up for it?” he said as he poked his beloved’s nose with a finger.

“Actually, Appa... I have my own wish for my birthday. I’ve thought about it and wanted it for so long. Would you grant my wish?” he shyly asked. Yunho smiled.

“Of course, love. Tell me your wish,”


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OMG I'M CREYING. Another incest fic sobs. I can't wait for the next update. I think I know what Jae wants, eh? 8D

Btw, I can't see Chapter 2 T^T

Are you sure you know? ;D

link for Chapter 2 is working well with me..

omygod i miss this fic...pls continue ch.5....

oh yay, you continued this but left us with a cliffhanger! It's ok, we'll wait patiently for next chapter!

when i saw your post on detox i was like 'YEAY CHAP 5 LIKE FINALLY' But when i get to see the title 'oh you just continuing what you'd posted on lj'.. Nevermind tho. I'll patiently wait for ur update

Wow I'm so excited!!
actually I was hoping that they could go for camping and had some private time for each other , but staying at home alone did the job ♡^♡

And again there's no way to sleep before reading the next chapter!
Thanks sweetie *hugs*

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