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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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Title: Jiyool
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: Romance
Rating: Smut, PG later
Warnings: Mpreg, Hermaphrodite!Jae, grammatical errors

Yunho looked at Jaejoong’s eyes as the
pretty man underneath him was near his release. Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s
swollen member while he was thrusting harder. In an instant, Jaejoong’s
body curved upwards as he came. Jaejoong’s mouth was open wide in
silent scream. The white substance dirtied both of their stomaches and
Jaejoong’s cock fell limply on his upper thigh. Jaejoong tried to catch
his breath while he was looking at his lover who hadn’t cum yet.

locked his legs tighter around Yunho’s waist as he caressed Yunho’s
body in a loving manner. He could feel that Yunho was near.

in me, Yunho-yah...” Jaejoong moaned as Yunho continuingly hit his
sweet spot. Yunho’s breath hitch when he heard the sultry voice of his
lover and his member inside Jaejoong got bigger.

“Urggh...” came Yunho’s gruntled voice as he released his seeds inside the beauty.

“Aaahhhh...” moaned Jaejoong as he felt the warm liquid splashing his hot walls.

Yunho fell on top of him and then rolled on his side facing Jaejoong. Content smiles were shared on both of the lovers’ faces.

“You came a lot,” Jae said loving the fact. Yunho grinned at him as he tiredly grabbed a tissue from the night stand.

you were a tease, Boo,” Yunho answered as he kneeled in front of
Jaejoong to clean him up. The brunette spread his lover’s legs apart
then whistled. “Wow. You are right. I came a lot.”

sight before him already made Yunho’s cock alive once more. Jaejoong’s
pussy was creampied by Yunho’s cum. It even made puddle of cum under
Jaejoong’s red vagina hole.

Yes, apparently, Jaejoong was a hermaphrodite.


come near me you ugly!” Jaejoong stood up and walked to his kitchen
when Yunho sat beside him to watch TV together. Yunho widened his eyes
as he turned to Jaejoong.

“What?!” Yunho asked surprised. “What are you talking about?! Wait, where are you going?!”

Jaejoong ignored him as he tied his fluffy pink hello kitty apron around his neck and waist then started cooking dinner.

A few hours later...

tall man slumped beside his husband’s body on their king size bed. He
wiped his face tiredly. Yunho couldn’t believe this! Jaejoong was super
clingy to him today but he was calling him ‘ugly’ nonstop! Jae even knew
that Yunho was sensitive about his face! Yunho facepalmed as he glanced
towards his sleeping husband. Thank God he already asleep, because
Yunho couldn’t stand one more ‘ugly’ thrown to him!


alright, Yunnie, don’t worry...” said Jae weakly. Yunho rubbed his back
comfortingly after Jaejoong threw up for the second time this morning.

need you to listen to me this time, Boo. We’ll go to see a doctor
today. No buts.” Answered Yunho as the man looked at him firmly. And
somehow Jaejoong couldn’t refuse it again.


They came to Seoul General Hospital where Yunho was being the Vice President.

Jaejoong smiled so wide he almost jumped out from his chair. The doctor
nodded at them. “Oh, Yunnie! We’re gonna have a baby!” the effiminate
man jumped on his husband’s lap as the tall man wrapped his arms around
his husband tightly.

Jae baby. We’re gonna be parents!” he smiled happily to Jae who was
already on the verge of tears. “I’m happy, Boo. Thank you.” Yunho said
as he pecked his husband’s lips.


took off his glasses and closed his book when Jae came out of their
bedroom and snuggled to him on the sofa (Yunho was forced to sleep
outside for a few weeks because the beautiful man refused to see his
‘ugly’ face before sleeping).

Yunho opened the blanket for both of them to snuck inside. Jaejoong rest his head on his chest as he relieved a content sigh.

I’m not ugly anymore?” Yunho asked as he caressed Jaejoong’s silky
hair. He kissed the top of his hair and Jaejoong gave a hum as a

“You’re still ugly
but you’re my husband. I still love you as the way you are.” Jae
innocently answered. Yunho shook his head at his husband’s antics.

“I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad over this.”

Jaejoong ignored him as he snuggled farther to him as he tangled both of their feet together. “Sleep.” He muttered.

reached out to the table lamp then he carefully positioned him self as
to not pressed on Jae’s growing tummy. He’s on the sixteenth weeks after


Jaejoong on his 7th months pregnancy, was walking together with Yunho shopping for baby’s stuffs and Jaejoong’s clothes.

big tummy was obviously seen behind his extra large jumper. Actually he
was kinda cute wearing it with a black legging and flat shoes. Jae’s
bangs were clipped up as he was leisurely walking through shops to
shops. On the other side, Yunho was quite uncomfortable at random people
whose eyes following Jae at every movements. He couldn’t blame them
though. Jae was chubby and his bulging tummy made him even more
beautiful. He’s practically glowing.

off, old man. He’s mine.” Yunho growled at an old man who was bluntly
staring at his husband who was still obvious on all the affections he
got.  The grey haired man snickered and resorted to throw his gaze
elsewhere except the pregnant man that was Jaejoong.

darling, what are you doing there? C’mere,” Jaejoong called him over
from cribs section. His fingers touched the edge of the pink crib
gently. He had this small smile on his lips when he stroked the crib’s
lacey netting as he could already seen their soon-to-be-born baby there,
sleeping peacefully. “What do you think?”

could see the fleeting hope in Jae’s eyes. Yunho truly didn’t want to
disappoint his Jae, but to be honest he also didn’t want to waste his
money on something so pink, lacey and girly when they hadn’t know yet
about their baby’s gender. It could be a boy, and he didn’t want this
freaking girly thing for his baby son.

“Baby, we don’t know the gender yet. What if he’s a boy?” Yunho asked.

a girl, Yunho. I know. Why didn’t we ask the doctor when we were there
earlier?” Jaejoong said. He seemed falling in love with the baby crib as
his eyes were stuck on it. Yunho didn’t even want to remember him that
it was Jae’s decision to keep the baby’s gender secret as a surprise
when the baby was born.

“But the thing is...”

the mother, Yunho. I’ve carried her for months! And you’re going to say
that I don’t know my own baby?” Jaejoong looked upset. He placed his
hands on his hips. Yunho glanced around looking at people who were
staring at them. He sighed and reached his husband’s hand.

“Alright, baby. Anything you want,” Yunho smiled lightly.

“Ok. It’s settled then. We buy this!” Jaejoong chirped happily to the store employee.


“It’s Hello Kitty, Jae! A freaking Hello Kitty!” Yunho said in disbelief.

“So what if it’s Hello Kitty? It’s cute~ Oh, Hello Kitty mirror<3!”

threw his hands up. He truly gave up now. Jae would never let him buy
things other than pink and those which didn’t involve Hello Kitty or
Disney Princesses stuffs.

“So how much is the total?”  Yunho asked the cashier.

“$10,000 Sir,”

Ouch, poor Yunho and his wallet.


Yunho already finished his shower and toweled his hair. He opened the bathroom door only to almost close it again.

was on the bed, in his night pajamas, stroking his bulging stomach. He
supported this beautiful smile on his face (the kind of smile that made
Yunho wants to twirl him around and says, “You are the most beautiful
thing I’ve ever seen.”).

really wanted to join Jae on the bed, but watching him from a far
amused him. Jaejoong was talking to their baby in a soft voice. Yunho
had to listened to it carefully.

he started. “Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We can’t wait to see
you, baby,” Jae caressed his tummy as he talked to the unborn baby
inside it. “Mommy can’t wait to see you growing up, be a beautiful girl
like we know you will be inside and out,”

look on Jae’s face almost a bittersweet one, like he could already see
his baby girl as a grown up woman. “Mommy will give you everything,
please be our pride, Jiyool-ah...”

could hear a small sobs coming out from Jaejoong. The young man
actually cried and he still didn’t realize that his husband hide behind
the door watching him.

and Daddy don’t want anything from you. You are already a beautiful
miracle for us, baby, we couldn’t ask for more...” Jae sobbed again. His
tears were wetting his face but the pretty man couldn’t be bothered to
wipe them out.

“You know
what, Jiyool-ah, Mommy always prays to God, every night and day, to let
you be born safely and healthily into this world. And when you are,
Mommy and Daddy will always protect you until you decide you can protect
yourself. Mommy can’t wait to see you born, Jiyool-ah... carry you,
give you baths, bride your hair and when you are a teen, Mommy will
scold you when you wear sexy clothes and judge your first boyfriend...
Mommy can even imagine the time when you’ll marry the love of your life
as Mommy watching Daddy gives your hand to your soon to be husband.
We’ll cry, because the little angel we know and love is not little
anymore. And we’ll cry more when Mommy and Daddy come home without you,
but we’ll be also happy, because you are happy.” Jae smiled through his
tears. In a flash, he felt a little movement from his tummy. “Awww,
that’s my girl... You must be know what Mommy is talking about, right
baby? I love you so much, Mommy loooovveeesss you so much, baby,”
Jaejoong said as he caressed his tummy lovingly.

who apparently had shed a few tears during Jaejoong’s conversation with
the unborn baby decided to appear from his hide behind the bathroom
door. The taller man scooted beside his spouse and placed his hand on
top of Jaejoong. He kissed the side of Jaejoong’s head and whispered,
“She’ll be healthy and perfect, Jae. Even if she is not, we’ll still
give her all the love in the world.”


on, baby. I’ll be right there,” Yunho grabbed his kar cey and ran fast
to the elevator. “Come on... come on... Fuck!” he decided to take the

He unlocked and turned the car machine to live and hurrily left the building.

“Baby, are you there? How do you feel?” Yunho spoke to his phone. He never felt this anxious in his entire life.

“I-It hurts...” Yunho could feel his heart broke when he heard Jae was whimpering.

“Call Yoochun!”

d-doesn’t pick up... Ah, Yunho, p-please come fast, it h-hurts!” Jae
was practically crying out to his husband who was still on his way to
pick him up.

“Don’t cry, baby. Please hold on for a while,” Yunho drove his Audi as fast as he could but the street was pretty crowded.

“I-I... Yunho! The water is broke!”

Fuck this! Yunho drove through the red traffic light not caring an ounce whether he was followed by police or not.

baby, don’t panic, okay?” he said trying to calm his husband (and him
self). He could hear Jae’s sobs and it tore him apart. “Inhale...
exhale... Inhale... exhale... I’ll be there in a sec. Hold on, baby, i
love you,”

Yunho finally
arrived at their home. He parked the car in front of the house. He
hastily came out of the car and run to the door.

he shouted Jaejoong’s name. He searched the living room and master
bedroom but the pretty man was nowhere in sight. Then Yunho heard a
slight whimper.


run to the kitchen and found Jaejoong was lying on the tiled floor.
“Jaejoong-ah! Baby, are you okay?” he asked as he lifted Jaejoong’s head
from the floor.

“What took you so long?! ARGH! Hospital now!” Jaejoong screamed in his husband’s arms as he being lifted from the floor.

baby don’t panic. Hold on.” Yunho carried Jaejoong bridal style to the
car. He slammed the front door closed with his foot.

CAN I NOT PANIC YOU BABO! Arghhh...” the pregnant man grabbed Yunho’s
hair too tightly while being carried. Then he was put on the back seat
so he could lay down while Yunho hastily seated himself on the driver
seat and hurriedly drove the Audi to the hospital.

felt himslef numb to others except from the excuriating pain in his
abdomen now. He was drenched in sweat, his hair and shirt was
practically wet and clung to his body. His pants was wet too because of
the water.

He put his hands on his bulging tummy hoping it could ease the pain (even though he knew it couldn’t).

“aaaAAAARRGGHH!!” Jae cried out. He scrunched his eyes because of the numbing pain.

hold on! Almost there, baby!” Yunho’s voice sounded so far away in
Jae’s ears. He felt like he wants to passing out but he couldn’t. He
must be strong for his baby, their baby. So Jaejoong with all his
strength tried to keep his eyes open. The next time he knew, he was
being put on the troller with Yunho held his hands.


“Yoochun-ah!” Junsu and Changmin ran toward him. “How is Jae?”

“He is still laboring. Yunho hyung is inside. I’ve called the Jungs and the Kims, they are on their way here now.”

Changmin and Junsu sighed in relief as the three of them sat on the waiting chairs in front of the labor room.

do you think Hyung and the baby will be alright?” Junsu broke the
silence. “I mean with him being a hermaphrodite and decide to have a
normal laboring?”

looked at Junsu. He could see the heavy worry in the chubby man’s eyes.
Junsu and Yoochun were Jae’s old friends. While Yoochun was Jae’s best
buddy, Junsu was the little brother Jae never had. So it was pretty
normal to see the both of them were hell worried over the pretty man who
was fighting to born the baby inside.

was like Yunho, not a very affectionate to people whom he weren’t
really close to, so he tried to put most comforting smile he had and
said to the anxious man, “He’ll be alright, Junsu-sshi. Jaejoong hyung
is a fighter, he’ll make it for him self and the baby. Besides, Jae
hyung doesn’t have anything to be worried about. He has Yunho hyung for
him there, hasn’t he?”

smiles painted on Junsu’s and Yoochun’s face as they agreed with
Yunho’s little brother. Now the worries were gone, they couldn’t wait to
see the baby. Was it a girl? Or a boy? The three of them couldn’t
really wait!


hold on baby, please... I love you,” Yunho kissed the sweaty forehead
lovingly. He hold Jaejoong’s hand a little tighter to lend him some
strength. He kissed and whispered words of love and encouragement
numerously to Jae as he witnessed one of the most important moment in
their life.

Jaejoong was lied
on the bed. One of his hand hold his husband’s hand and the other
gripped his bicep tightly. Although it felt a bit hurt to Yunho because
his nails scratched his arm, he had no complaints at all. The hurt on
his arm couldn’t be compared to his Jaejoong’s whose legs now were
spreading to born their baby while fighting for his own life.

“1, 2, 3, PUSH!”

Aaahhh!!!” Jaejoong screamed. He could feel his strength left him and
the constrict feeling in his stomach was not helping. “Aaarrrghhhh!!!!”
he cried out as he pushed once again.

“The head is out!” the doctor informed.

then kissed Jaejoong’s face anywhere he could reach. “Come on Jae... be
strong... I love you...” he whispered as he caressed the sweaty brows
of Jaejoong.

“Mister Jung, are you alright?” the doctor from below there where Jaejoong’s legs were spread asked him.

nodded weakly as he tried to catch his breath. He felt he was gonna
passed out actually, but he wasn’t going to give up. Even more now when
he was going to deliver Jiyool to the world. They would go through this,
he had to be strong for Jiyool and Yunho. He held Yunho’s hand more
tightly as if he was borrowing some strength.

“Okay, Mr. Jung, we’re going to push again, alright? 1, 2, 3, PUSH!”



Outside, the family of Jungs and Kims also Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu could hear the baby crying.

“So it’s out?” Junsu asked unbelievely.

Jung and Mrs. Kim hugged each other as they cried. Their respective
husbands patted each other’s shoulder. One could see that the two heads
of the family trying to hold back their tears. Happiness were
overflowing at the waiting room. They couldn’t wait to welcome the angel
who was become the new addition to both families.


kissed Jaejoong’s tears and patted his thigh lightly to keep him awake
(because passing out or sleeping were very dangerous to mother who was
just labouring).

“You are
great baby, you are a fighter. So strong... I’m proud of you so much...”
Yunho kissed Jae’s lips. Jaejoong looked up and smiled to him. He still
didn’t say anything because he was waiting his strength to be back.  He
wiped the blood on Yunho’s arm he had scratched earlier and kissed him
as if to say sorry.

nothing, it didn’t hurt. It is such a small wound compared to what
you’ve been through,” Yunho assured. They held each other and waiting
for the nurse finish cleaning the newly borned baby.

Jung Yunho,” the nurse called. She was waiting for him with a blue
bundle in her arms. The infant still hadn’t stopped crying.
“Congratulations. It’s a girl.” She smiled at Yunho and handed the baby.

Yunho as if was entranced, couldn’t say anything as he choked up in his
throat and tears welled up in his eyes. The man carefully placed the
baby in his arms and kissed her cheeks. “My daughter...” he nuzzled the
crying infant’s cheek.

The doctor reminded him to bring the infant to her mother as soon as possible for breast feeding.

Yunho, not less careful, walked to his spouse’s side. Jaejoong who was
resting immediately reached out his arms when he saw Yunho carrying
their baby.

The tears were
flowing on the glowing man’s cheek. He was sobbing as he cradled the
baby. “I-it’s Jiyool...” Jae looked at Yunho. The latter nodded and sat
beside him on the bed and engulfed Jaejoong in his embrace from behind.

immediately stopped crying when she feels both of her parents near her.
Jaejoong caressed her face like he was touching the most beautiful and
expensive paint.

“She is so
beautiful, healthy, and perfect. I’m so happy Yunho-yah... She looks
just like you. Look at her nose, awww~ How can you be so beautiful
Jiyool-ah, hmm?” Jaejoong swung her gently.

“Of course our baby is beautiful, look who is the mother!” Yunho teased the still tired Jaejoong.

“Tease.” Jaejoong poked Yunho cheek and then they chuckled.

Suddenly, Jiyool moved her head towards Jaejoong’s body and nuzzled her head against him.

“Love, I think our Jiyool is hungry,”

Jiyool-ah, I’m sorry. Let’s feed you, baby,” Jae lifted her up slightly
as he lifted up his shirt showing his small breast*. The pretty man put
Jiyool’s mouth to his nipple and the hungry baby latched onto it

Jiyool was
sucking Jae’s nipple hungrily because this was her first feeding. Her
sucking was so strong for a newborn infant Jaejoong had to wince a bit.
He caressed the thin hair as a tear fell from his doe-like eyes.

sorry Jiyool-ah, Mommy can’t give you that much milk,” Jaejoong cried.
Yunho hugged him tighter. He could feel Jae’s sadness for he couldn’t
give the best for Jiyool. Jaejoong wasn’t a woman. Because of that he
couldn’t produce much milk like women although he could pregnant and
deliver normally. He could only produce a little so that’s why Jiyool
once again crying because the milk in Jae’s breast had empty.

tearfully gave his daughter the formula milk the nurse has given him.
He was crying while watching Jiyool dozed off when drinking her milk.

sorry, Jiyool...” he cried and he kissed the side of her face. “I’m
sorry, Yunho.” Jae looked up to Yunho. He felt so sorry to Yunho because
he couldn’t give Jiyool the best.

kissed the trembling lips. “No need to be sorry, Love. You have given
our daughter everything you have. I couldn’t ask for more. There are
mothers out there who can feed their baby, but they don’t want to do it.
You are so much better baby. I’m proud of you. You are going to be the
best mother in a whole world,” Yunho smiled at him.

glad it’s you, Yunho. I’m glad it’s with you I have this beautiful
miracle. I’m glad you are always there for me from the first month of my
pregnancy till this second I said this to you,” Jaejoong closed his
eyes and he could feel the soft petal of Yunho’s lips touch his eyelids.

know I was such a soreass during those times to you yet you were always
here. You never leave. You’ve given us everything we need. This whole
pregnancy, was so hard, because most of me is a male, but because you
were there, I could bear everything. Thank you... I think I seldom say
this to you even after all you’ve given me but... thank you, Yunho,
really...” Jaejoong leaned into Yunho hug. The nurses and doctor had
left the room and it left three of them creating a peacefulness between

“I would give you more if I could, Jae. Everything, for both of you.” Yunho whispered.

stared at each other. Yunho could feel his heart would burst because of
the immense amount of love for the two beautiful loves of his life
before him.

His perfect little family. There’s no such thing he won’t do for them. Yunho promised with himself.

Yunho slowly got up from the bed. Jaejoong who still handling the
bottle for their daughter asked where was he going. Yunho said he would
go outside to deliver the news to their relatives at waiting room.

took a look at them before he opened the door and went to the anxious
families who had waited for them since Jaejoong still labouring.

smile painted on his handsome face. He could almost feel the happiness
that would be soon radiated from the people he and Jaejoong loved.

eyes looked at him expectantly waiting for the wonderful news to be
arrived. Jung Yunho, husband of the beloved Jaejoong, now a father of a
beautiful miracle that is Jung Jiyool, smiled proudly announcing  the
news. “Jung Jiyool. It’s a girl. Healthy and perfect.”


has breast. Yeah people you hear it right. But his are not that big
breast pregnant women have. Because most of him is male, he has breast,
only they’re small. And because he doesn’t have enough female hormones
to produce milk, he only has a bit of it. Jaejoong as a hermaphrodite is
a miracle he is almost has ability like women have but he has his

*Everyone, I’m back. LOL.

Next update : Dear Jaejoong, My Sweetest Dark Sin; Chapter 5

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but Jaejoong is a male so his female hormones arent enough XD Thanks for reading and commenting!

jae with breast is freaking HOT!!
well jae does have breast!!but it is not call breast but moobs!!hahaha

in this story its indeed breast not only moobs because he has that breast function->breast feeding lol
btw thank you for reading and leaving comment^^

I love this story, xD
Yeah jaejoong was such a soreass on his pregnancy, but yunho just being a patient husband aaawh
That would be good if you decide on a sequel with little jiyool XD kkk~

well I have a oneshot where Jiyool is a toddler.. You can check my livejournal if you want to read it. thanks for reading!

Wow i love mpreg,,!!1<333
and i like this story,,^^

I'm glad. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I'm sorry~ *gives you tissues* Thx for reading and commenting!

imagine that jj can breast feeding always make me smile...
thanks for making this beautiful ff

I love it too thats why I made this fic!
Thanks for reading and commenting!

i like this a lot and jaejoong having a vagina and breast is sadfsfgdghfll *nose bleeding*
thank u for sharing this :)

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