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I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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[FANFIC] Ex Lovers Reunion
Title: Ex Lovers Reunion

Pairing: Yunjae, YunhoxOC

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rating: G

Warnings: Mpreg, grammatical errors

Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong happily married. What will happen if Jae's sisiter who happens to be Yunho's ex return after 10 years?

A/N: This is an one shot in The Jung Family Universe. It's a universe bases on oneshots or series about Yunjae married life.

A black shiny Mercedes Benz was parked in front of a lovely red bricked house. The car engine was stopped and the man behind the stir woke the person up beside him with a little girl on that person’s lap.

“Darling, wake up. We’re here,” Yunho shook that person’s body gently. Jae blinked his eyes open. He took a good look for about several seconds when he realized that they really had arrived. “Oh. Alright.”

Jaejoong pecked the little girl’s cheek. “C’mon, Jiyool-ah. We’ve arrived at grandma’s and grandpa’s house,” the little girl scrunched up her tiny nose refusing to wake up.

Jaejoong began searched his bag but that action made Jiyool uncomfortable so she started whining. “Sleep! Sleep! Don’t wanna...” she shook her head when Yunho patted her thigh to calm her down.

“Omo... Yunho-yah, help me,” Jaejoong said to Yunho and the said man put his hands under Jiyool’s armpits and gently picked her up from Jaejoong’s lap. Jiyool unconsciously (in her state of sleepy mind) held out her arms and circled it around Yunho’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder to continue her beauty sleep. Yunho put his right arm on Jiyool’s back and while his right was put under her bottom to hold her. He swung her gently while he was waiting for his spouse to come out from the car.

“Don’t worry about the luggages, darling. I’ll bring them up later,” Yunho said as he locked the car with automatic key and the car beeped a sound. “Okay,” Jaejoong smiled at Yunho, thankful that his husband understood that he was still a bit sleepy.

Yunho held his spouse’s hand as they walked the stairs to the front door. Jaejoong pushed the bell button beside the wooden door and they waited until someone opened the door.

“Mother!” Jaejoong’s face brighten up at the sight of his mother. He hugged her (not too tightly, of course). She kissed her both her son’s cheeks. “Jaejoong! We thought you would arrive later today! The cookings are still being cooked,” she caressed his blonde hair lovingly. “Don’t worry, mom. I’ll help you,” Jaejoong smiled.

Mrs. Kim moved her eyes to the side and smiled so brightly to see the sight of her son-in-law carrying their 4 years old little girl. “Yunho! Oh my god, what food have Jaejoong been feed to you? You’re even more taller now!” Yunho chuckled at his mother-in-law and bent his body slightly for her to kiss him on the cheeks even though she still had to tiptoe in order to reach his cheeks.

“How are you, mom? You’ve gotten so beautiful too,” he teased her. She slapped his arm playfully but stopped when she saw Jiyool stirred a little. “Omo, did I wake her?” her worried expression turned to a relieved one when Jiyool still slept peacefully. “Aigoo, she has grown up now. The last time I saw her, she was still a baby,”

A rather loud cough came from the living room turned their attention from the sleeping girl. “Oh, I forgot your father has been waiting for you in the living room. Come in,” she ushered them.

Yunho and Jaejoong smiled and bowed to the man who was sitting in a large single brown cushion. The man put down his glasses and book. Mr. Kim smiled and the couple rushed to him to greet him.

After a few talk, Jaejoong decided to put Jiyool on their prepared room (it was Jae’s bedroom when he had not married yet). “Yunho-yah, let me take Jiyool upstairs,” he said as he took the little girl from his husband’s arms gently not to wake her up. Jiyool was near crying when she was teared from her dad but automatically clung to Jaejoong when she realized it was her mother. “Okay, I’ll pick the luggage. Dad, excuse us,” Yunho said politely as he and Jaejoong went to different directions.


Yunho collapsed beside Jiyool after he put the luggages (one for Jiyool, and one for them) near the bed. Jaejoong shook his head but smiled in understanding. Yunho had driven the car to Gongju for nearly 8 hours of course his husband was tired.

Jaejoong took his steps downstairs to the kitchen where his mother was. Her mother’s back was facing him as she stirred the soup. “Mom, has noona not arrive yet?” Jaejoong asked her mother as he took a knife and started help her cut the vegetables.

Mrs. Kim’s solemn expression changed to a worried one. “She said she’ll arrive here before dinner,”

“Shall we pick her up at the airport?” Jaejoong asked again. His mother shook her head. “No, she said she will come here by taxi,”

“Okay then.”

They continued cooking for the dinner. A few talks were shared but they were not mentioning Jae’s only sister again. Her mother had prepared a kind of spicy seafood soup (not too spicy of course because Yunho and Jiyool loved it) and some chinese and korean dishes here and there.

Tonight’s dinner would be a memorable one to them for her sister Sunhee had not comeback in ten years. She left Korea with her American boyfriend to pursue her modelling carrier in US. Her parents had not accepted her decision leaving Korea and refused to contact her first when she didn’t even give them her number.

Sunhee was a really beautiful woman, Jae remembered. She always got boys falling head over heels on her since she was a teenager, including Yunho. Yes, Yunho was in love with her since the first time he saw her in highschool. For months, he chased over her and succeeded. Yunho became Sunhee’s boyfriend for nearly two years. But things got messed up when Sunhee’s modelling carrier gotten big and she was introduced by her fellow model friend to the American guy, Adrian. A few months before Yunho and Sunhee’s two years anniversary, she broke up with him without giving him many reasons why. After two years, she just said that their relationship didn’t work. Everyone had been furious, especially Mr. and Mrs. Kim. They always thought Yunho was just perfect than Adrian who didn’t know to deal with the elder Koreans. It was the only night Sunhee brought the foreign guy to her parents and few nights after, she already packed her things and left to US.

Jae was thankful, though. If not for her departure, Jae would not have the chance to win Yunho’s heart. He had admired Yunho since Junior Highschool and then the feelings got intense to the form of love. He realized it at the first time Sunhee brought Yunho to their home. He knew his sister already had a boyfriend but he didn’t know it was Yunho... his Yunho. Jaejoong got his first heartbreak that night.

Yunho was devastated when she left. During that times, Jaejoong always stayed by his side. Slowly but surely, he made his way through Yunho’s heart and Yunho had never felt more alive than before. Jae became his world.

Yunho and Jaejoong started their relationship when Yunho was 21 and Jaejoong was 19. They had their ups and downs in their relationship until three years later, they got married. And only a year later, God gave them His wonderful gift, Jae gave birth to Jiyool. Until now, their little family was as perfect as ever.

Jae smiled. Every tears he shed during his unrequited love to Yunho were not useless though. Everything happened for a reason. Now, his sister came back to Korea after ten years lived in US. Sunhee and Adrian got divorce (They were married a year after they stepped foot in US). They didn’t have children too. Jae wondered what could have been happen that made his sister divorced her so-called “love of her life”.

A cute, high-pitched voice cut his wander thoughts. “Mommy!” Jaejoong turned to his daughter and carried her in his arms. Jiyool now had taken a bath and wore her polkadot pink dress.

“Go take care Jiyool, sweetheart. Let me finish this and clean the kitchen,” his mom smiled to him. “Okay, mom.” Jaejoong put Jiyool down for awhile as he took off his apron and washed his hands. Jaejoong held Jiyool’s hand and walk together to the living room. He put her on his lap as her daughter gave him her cutest pout. “Mom! Mommy~”

He pecked her lips at her cute action. “What’s wrong, Jiyool-ah? Oh you’ve taken a bath. Did daddy bath you?” Jae’s voice full of endearment. She nodded and gave him her pink hello kitty hair band. Jaejoong who knew what this mean, he faced Jiyool’s back to him as he started to tie her hair and gave her a cute ponytail.

“Mommy, Daddy said he can’t do this so daddy told me to go to you. Why daddy can’t tie my hair, mom? Daddy can tie his shoe laces perfectly. Daddy sucksss~~” she told her mom and pouted. Jaejoong gasped and patted Jiyool’s thigh gently. “Jiyool-ah! Don’t say that about your daddy! That’s bad!” he scolded her made her pouting even more.

Jae gave Jiyool’s hair a finish touch and said, “ You can play at the garden, Jiyool-ah. But be careful and don’t make your dress dirty because mom will help grandma prepare dinner, okay baby?” he patted her eagerly nodding head. “Yes, mom!” she shouted as she made a beeline to the slide door towards the garden.

Before back to the kitchen, Jaejoong went upstairs to prepare Yunho’s clothes. He unpacked their luggages and put their clothes in the closet. He also left Yunho who was taking a bath some clothes on the bed for he wear later.

“Honey, i’ve put your clothes on the bed!” Jae shouted from outside the door and he left their room after he heard Yunho shouted back, “Thanks, babe!”


Yunho and Mr. Kim were playing chess in the living room and Jiyool was playing with her barbie doll while Jae and Mrs. Kim put the dishes on the dining table.

“Mom, look! Isn’t she so pretty?” Jiyool showed Jaejoong her barbie doll whose blonde hair she had combed for the last ten minutes. Jaejoong who was passing stopped for a while. “She’s so pretty, baby. Why don’t you show her to your daddy?” Jiyool immediately stood up and ran to her father. Jaejoong chuckled and put the bowl of soup he was holding on the table.

Ding dong...

“Let me get that,” Mrs. Kim said as she hurried to get the door.

“Mom, who is it?” Jae asked and walked to the door when Mrs. Kim didn’t answer.

At the front door, he saw a sight of his mom hugging someone. It didn’t take long time when he realized who it was. “Noona...”

The person his mom was holding lifted her head revealing his sister’s tears streaken face. “Jaejoong!”

The siblings ran to hold each other. Jaejoong held his sister’s waist as she buried her face on his shoulder. Jaejoong had just realized how badly he missed her.

Sunhee’s sobs reached his ear. “Jaejoong-ah, I’m sorry...” Jaejoong patted her back. “Sshh... Noona, it’s okay...”

She pulled back and wiped her tears. “I missed you so much,” she said as she smiled. “Me too. Let’s come in,” Mrs. Kim led Sunhee to the living room where the rest of the family were present. Jaejoong helped her dragged her luggage.

The three people in the living room turned their heads to the slow but hesitant steps approaching them.

Sunhee’s body trembled slightly as she saw her father. Mr. Kim slowly rose up to his feet and froze on his place. Mrs. Kim, Jaejoong, Yunho and Jiyool (who was oblivious with what was happening) switched their gaze between Sunhee and the old man as they watched silently the exchange glances between father and daughter.

“F-Father...” Sunhee slowly walked to her dad and stopped exactly in front of him as she was waiting for his reaction. Mr. Kim’s straight face drew a longing smile as he said with a hoarse voice, “Welcome back,”

Sunhee immediately flew to her father’s opening and accepting arms.


The dinner was nice. Jiyool’s loud chattering rose up everybody’s moods. She was on Jaejoong’s lap eating her rice while Jaejoong feed her her soup. During dinner, no one brought up the sensitive topic about the reason of Sunhee’s arrival. Everyone waited for the right time when she willed to tell them by herself.

Jaejoong was a bit worried though. Although it’s normal but he couldn’t help it. His current husband was his now-divorced sister’s ex after all. He sometimes glanced at the ex lovers to see their reactions to each other. He saw Sunhee two or three times looked at Yunho but the latter seemed unbothered by it at all. Jaejoong didn’t know what to expect. In one side, he knew that this event would at least affected Yunho a bit but on the other side he didn’t want him get affected.

After dinner, Yunho, Jiyool, Mr. and Mrs. Kim were chatting on the living room while watched a funny tv show that Jiyool liked. Jaejoong and Sunhee together were washing the dirty dishes.

“Jaejoong,” Sunhee’s soft voice called him.


“Congratulation,” she said with a smile while her hands applied the soap on the bowls. “I guess 10 years is a bit late for congratulary message,”

“Really late but thanks,” both of he and Sunhee chuckled. “I’m sorry for not contacting you, Noona,” Jaejoong said with quiter voice.

Sunhee smiled a little in understanding. “S’not your fault. I never gave you my number after all.”

Jaejoong nodded and then both if them fell into silent. “Just say it.” Sunhee said after several minutes in awkward silence.

“Say what?”

“I know you want to ask me about my divorce with Adrian. I can sense everybody threw their silent questions to me during dinner,”

“Noona...” Jaejoong was hesitant. He knew his Noona was still hurt from the separation but he was dying to know the reason. Sunhee had been so in love with Adrian... what had happened?

“It’s bad, Jaejoong... really bad. I came home from 2 weeks in Italy to find my husband slept with another woman I didn’t know,” Sunhee’s voice was trembling and she looked like on the edge to bawl her eyes out. Jaejoong led her to sit and stroke her back.

“I loved him so much Jaejoong! I left everything I had in Korea when he asked me to! I went modelling here and there just to satisfy his lifestlye! He didn’t even have to work again!” she sobbed. Her whole body was shaking so Jaejoong hugged her and whispered comforting words “Sshh... Noona, it’s okay...”

“That night, I confronted him. I asked him whether was that his first time... he cheated on me. You know what he said Jaejoong? That bastard said that he had done that for the last 5 years of our marriage!”

“Oh my God...” Jaejoong widened his eyes.

“My love for him was vanished at that moment. I asked for divorce. He didn’t seem to mind though... It’s good. “ Sunhee dapped his eyes with tissues Jaejoong gave her. She took a deep breath to control her breathing. “I want to start anew in Korea. At first I was afraid that you all would be mad at me and hate me when I came back. But I have no where to go. I have no children and I don’t want to live in America ever again. After all, a family is the place everyone could run to, right?” Sunhee smiled at him. Her eyes and nose were red from crying. God, Jaejoong really wanted to punch that bastard for hurting his sister. How dare he was! Sunhee was one of the most amazing woman beside his mother that Jaejoong had ever known. She was so strong, beautiful, talented, kind, smart... all the good adjectives. It’s a pity that she fell in love with the wrong guy.

“We were never mad at you for so long. At first yes, everyone was mad but after a while we understood. The only thing we regretted was you never contacted us. Mom often cried when she saw your pictures and Dad... he always sat near the telephone so he could pick up your phone fast in case you called,” Sunhee teared up again when she listened to Jaejoong and hugged him.

“I’m sorry and thank you... thank you for being the most perfect family. I love you guys,” she whispered in his ear. “We love you too, Noona... we are so glad you’re back,” he whispered back.

“Okay, enough about me, Jaejoong. I want to hear about you. Well, especially the story about you and Yunho being end up together, hm? I didn’t know that we have the same taste in men,” Sunhee wiggled her eyebrows to tease his brother. Jaejoong, although him being married for years, was still blushing when he was teased about Yunho.

“Noona, stop that~” Jaejoong looked away trying to hide his blushing cheeks.

“You shouldn’t be shy, dongsaeng~ you’ve got the finest man a person could ask for! I know how great Yunho is. He’s my ex after all!” she grinned from ear to ear. Teasing Jaejoong is so fun.

Of course she know how he is. Suddenly Jaejoong stopped smiling. His fear about Sunhee and Yunho’s reunion came back. He was afraid Yunho’s feeling would come back. He was afraid that his assumption was right that he was only Sunhee’s replacement. “I-I...”

Sunhee who was feeling Jaejoong’s anxiety felt bad for bringing up her and Yunho’s past relationship. She put her hand on his shoulder and cheered him up again. “Don’t worry, Jaejoong-ah! I don’t have feeling for him anymore. Now he is your husband, I feel him like a brother!” she poked at his brother’s cheeks make Jaejoong lit up again. Then they laughed together feeling the closeness between them. Maybe she is right.

Jaejoong looked up when someone tugging his shirt. Jiyool pouted at him with sleepy eyes while being carried by Yunho. “Mommy, I’m sleepy...” she stretched her hands at Jaejoong and he immediately caught her. She put her sleepy head on her mommy’s shoulder while she was hiding his face on the crook of his neck. Jiyool slept at the moment she inhaled her favorite sweet fragrance; her mom’s scent, because it comforted her.

“She didn’t want to go sleep with me. She insisted to be with you so we’re here,” said Yunho. “I’m sorry for interupting your conversation, Sunhee Cheohyung, ” Yunho politely glanced at Sunhee who was staring at him. Yunho actually was on the same age with Sunhee but he married her little brother so he should call her Cheohyung (wife’s older sister).

Sunhee looked like she just woke up from a trance. “It’s okay,” she smiled the best she could even though it came off awkward. Yunho bowed a little before he brought his family up stairs to their room.

At midnight...

Yunho decided to walk down stairs because he felt thirsty. He frowned when he arrived in the kitchen to see Sunhee sat alone in kitchen counter. Yunho wanted to just drink and go upstairs nut dimly lit room made Sunhee looked a bit depressed. Yunho didn’t like it and decided to have some talk with her.

“Cheohyung...” Yunho greeted her and sat beside her. Sunhee looked startled as she didn’t expect Yunho at all to come up to her.

“Ah, Yunho. What are you doing here?” she gripped her glass of chocolate milk nervously.

“Just thristy. What are you doing here alone at midnight? Oh you still like chocolate milk I see?” Yunho teased her brought a small smile on Sunhee’s face.

“Don’t tease me! You know I love drinking it very much.” She slapped Yunho’s arm playfully. Sunhee’s silently relieved. She thought her first conversation with Yunho after ten years would be full of anger and cursing because of their bad separation. But she was wrong after all. Yunho looked happy and she didn’t see even an ounce of hatred in Yunho’s eyes even though she felt she deserves it.

“I didn’t expect to say this to you before, but you don’t change,” Yunho said with a smile on his bow shaped lips. “I mean every one would change after they gained a huge success as model in foreign country and spent a decade of their lives in a glorious fame. I expected to see you change. But you don’t. At all.”

“I’ve learned after my bad marriage that fame doesn’t bring me happiness, Yunho. Yes, I have to admit I once dreamt of glorious fame, of a great love just like in the movies. But I was wrong. I spent so much years in my life trying to satisfy a man who doesn’t even love me genuinely. He loved me because I brought him money,” Sunhee said. Her eyes got teary and Yunho knew she tried her best not to cry.

“Sunhee-yah...” Yunho said as he looked at her ex who was trying to control her tears. Gone the family title, Sunhee at that moment was not his sister in law. The woman in front of him was the woman he ever loved once-his first love, who had been through so much, who was cheated on by the man she loved with all her heart, and the woman who willingly stripped herself of her fame and went back to the only home she had.

Yunho felt gush of sympathy washed over him and suddenly he could feel the sadness as the woman who was silently crying beside him felt.

“I’m sorry, Yunho.” She sobbed. Yunho searched on her eyes the meaning of it but she couldn’t bring himself to look at Yunho. “I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. I left you without goodbye. You might feel mad at me, I understand. You must be mad at me so much...” her tears more flowing the further she talked. Yunho couldn’t bring himself to silent so he hugged her and pat her back to calm her down.

“Sshh... Sunhee-yah...” Yunho whispered on top of her head.

“I-It haunted me Yunho. You, Jaejoong, my parents... I couldn’t stop thinking about you all when I was in US and thinking about how much had I failed everyone... I-I was a f-fool... please forgive me!” Yunho answered her that he’s already forgive her long time ago and continued to whisper comforting words for her. This was the only way he could do to help her through her break down.


Jaejoong flipped his body to his right and threw his arm expecting it to land on his husband’s warm body beside him but his arm fell on the empty bed. Jaejoong sleepily opened his eyes and questioned where his husband went to. The bed is still warm, maybe he is on the bathroom, Jaejoong thought.

The blonde beauty walked to the bathroom but he saw no one. There was no Yunho there.

“Yunho?” Jaejoong tried to call his husband but only silence answered him. suddenly he felt a bad feeling in his heart. What if something happened to Yunho? Jaejoong’s heart thundered like crazy.

He tiptoed his way outside their room and looked around. He saw everything was normal and when he checked on Jiyool, Jiyool was fine too. So where’s his husband?

Jaejoong was near his way to the stairs and he heard a faint sound coming from the kitchen. Jaejoong silently made his way down stairs. In the middle of the stairs his stepped came to a halt and his expression tensed suddenly when he saw the sight in the kitchen.

At the dimly lit room, his sister’s body was tucked safely in his husband’s comforting arms.


“Jae baby, what’s wrong?” Yunho asked as Jaejoong once again tried to wriggle his way out of his husband’s arms.

“There’s nothing wrong, I... I am just not in the mood,” Jaejoong answered as he quickly wore his clothes before Yunho made another advances towards him.

Yunho stood with his mouth gaped open. He couldn’t believe that his spouse rejected his favorite morning sex. Jaejoong walked pass him and muttered, “Go shower, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Yunho looked at his spouse’s back incrediously. “I don’t even get a morning kiss!”


That day, Jaejoong didn’t utter even a single word to Yunho expect when it related to Jiyool. As dense as Yunho was, he still sensed that there was something wrong with Jaejoong but he didn’t know what it was. So Yunho decided to confront the effiminate man tonight at home after their to the zoo.

Jaejoong carried the tired 4 years old girl in his arms as they ascended the stairs clearly left Yunho behind. The Kim pairs and Sunhee glanced Yunho at the corner of their eyes. They knew that Jaejoong was having his fit because Jaejoong almost never ignored Yunho unless they were in a fight.

Yunho slumped his body on the sofa in the living room as everybody gone into their separate rooms after a tiring trip. Not long after, he felt someone sat beside him and he saw Sunhee smiled at him apologetically.

“Are you two having a fight?”

“It seems so. But I don’t know the reason. Suddenly Jaejoong is so clod to me. I don’t even know what I did wrong!” Yunho said hopelessly threw his arms.

“I probably know what it is...” Sunhee looked away from Yunho. Yunho immediatelly turned to her.


“I can’t say this to you, I might be wrong. This is your job to find out. Ask Jaejoong.” She said.

“Ok. Thanks, Cheohyung.” Yunho said. She laughed lightly at him.

“Now, I’m back to Cheohyung again?” she smiled. Yunho grinned at her then he stood up and went to his and Jaejoong’s room. Might as well ask him now, Yunho thought. Well, he wouldn’t stand it if Jaejoong ignored him for another day.


“Chagiya?” Yunho opened their dark room. His eyes searched to find the love of his live for only finding him curled up with blanket covered most of his body.

Yunho sighed. He climbed the bed and approached the sulking beauty. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he gently asked only to receive a harsh scoff from Jaejoong. “Baby...” he patted Jaejoong’s back.

“Don’t baby me!” the blonde screamed under his blanket. Yunho raised his eyebrows. There was must definitely something wrong here.

Yunho tried to pull away the cover. Jaejoong resisted it but Yunho was stronger. He pull the cover away and threw it some where far at the corner so Jaejoong couldn’t reach it again.

“What do you want?!” Jaejoong glared at Yunho but he regretted immediatelly. Yunho stiffed up as soon as he saw Jaejoong’s teary faces. The beautiful man’s nose and eyes were puffy and red from crying.

“W-Why are you crying, Boo? What did I do wrong?” Yunho asked. His heart was hurting to see his spouse crying and sad because of him. Yunho who was usually a composed man, stuttering to get his words out. His brain couldn’t work properly. Jaejoong’s tears were his weaknesses. He stood dumbly in front of sobbing Jaejoong didn’t know what to do.

“You couldn’t do this to me, Yunho.” Jaejoong’s small voice was heard. “You couldn’t do this to me and our Jiyool.”

Yunho hesitantly stepped forward to him. “What are you talking about?” Yunho actually still didn’t have any idea about what was on Jaejoong’s mind. I couldn’t do what thing?

Jaejoong who was fed up with his emotion stood up to Yunho and glared at him. “You couldn’t leave me after all the things you’ve promised me,”

“Leave you? who the hell in the world would want to leave you?!” Yunho unbelievably asked.

“I didn’t want to believe myself at first that I’m just her replacement. But I have no choice to believe it when I saw it myself. What? She just come back one night and you already lovey dovey with her!” Jaejoong looked away.

“Jaejoong! I never—“

“Liar!” the pretty man jabbed his finger on the tall man’s chest. “I saw you hugging her last night! And it was not just a mere hug, you enveloping her in your arms as she rested his head on your chest! at midnight! What did you do in the kitchen at midnight?!”

Much to Jaejoong surprise, Yunho looked relieved and he actually smiled when he heard Jaejoong’s accuse.

“W-What? Why are you smiling, Yunho? So am I right?” now it was Jaejoong’s turn to stutter. Jaejoong already knew it from the start. He knew that Yunho and Sunhee would always—

His thought was cut because Yunho suddenly hugged him tightly. He could feel a deep rumble on Yunho’s chest when he chuckled.

“Silly, Jaejoongie... My silly jealous beautiful cute Jaejoongie,” Yunho smiled against his neck.

The effiminate beauty tried to free himself from his husband but unfortunately for him his hands were trapped on Yunho’s chest so he couldn’t do anything. Jaejoong was confused. What was this sudden turn of behaviour of Yunho? Why is he smiling?

“I was thirsty that night so I came to the kitchen and found Sunhee at the kitchen as well.” Yunho explained to him as he didn’t loosen his hug afraid Jaejoong would away. He could feel Jaejoong tensed up at the mention of Sunhee’s name from Yunho’s mouth.

“She looked depressed so I chit-chatted her a bit... and well, you could say she poured her heart out to me. She spent the night muttering curses upon Adrian while I made her another and another glasses of choco milk,” Yunho stroke Jaejoong’s back helping him to calm down. It worked because Jaejoong didn’t sound angry like minutes before.

“So you didn’t do anything?”

Yunho pulled away and laughed. “Of course no!”

Jaejoong smiled as he attached himself to Yunho once more. “So I was worked up over nothing?” Jaejoong sighed. “Yunnie, I’m sorry,” Jaejoong looked up to his husband and pouted his lips. He felt sorry because he almost caused a serious problem between them.

“You could give me a bit more of your trust, baby,” Yunho sighed as he lied them down on the bed. Jaejoong automaticaly lied himslef on Yunho’s arms as his hand rubbed lazily on the tall man’s chest.

“I’m sorry Yunnie... it’s just—“ Jaejoong seemed struggled to voice his words.

“It’s just what, baby?” Yunho tried coaxing him.

“She is your first love,”

“That is the past, Jae. I love you now and I always will. I won’t leave you or Jiyool for anything, I love you so much.” Yunho said. Jaejoong’s body trembled slightly at Yunho little love declaration. “Don’t ever doubt me again, okay?” Yunho kissed the top of Jaejoong’s head

“Eung!” Jaejoong nodded his head cutely. He smiled happily and returned the kiss on Yunho’s chest.

Both of them slept in each other’s arms not long after. Jaejoong’s breath hit Yunho’s neck and he smiled as he sleeping because he knew he would make someone very surprised tomorrow with morning sex surprise.

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This fic was beautifully written.
YunJae deserve to be happy along with their Jiyool! :)

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they are just perfect.
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I was laughing when I got to the end.

I can understand Jaejoong's fear of loosing Yunho.
Jaejoong sulking is just so adorable.

I love the characters and stories you created. You just can't trust American men can you? xD
I feel so bad for Sunhee. She doesn't deserve to get her heartbroken by some heartless gold digger. She is truly lucky to have such a great family. Despite her disappearance, her family still supports her. I hope she'll be able to pick up on her career in Korea. It'd be so heartbreaking if she wasn't able to find a job because of some stupid guy.
The YunJae love is so adorable ♥. Jealous Jaejoong is so cute ^^. Like Yunho said, who would want to leave him? He's such a great wife♥. Plus he gave birth to such a beautiful baby, no one in their right mind would even think of leaving him.

Looking forward to your future one-shots in this verse. I would love to see Jiyool some more ^^. She's so cute♥♥

/pats jaejae
dont worry baby jae, yunyun wont leave you for another girl
yunho, wae you so perfect? /sobs

thanks for writing this fic .i like it *bow*

Sometimes insecurities do get the best of us, but I'm glad that they are doing fine.
Thank you!

I extremely like your story: a family with Yunho, Jaejoong, baby, and love. It's happy and interesting. ^ ^
I really want to share it with my friends. So can I translated it into Vietnamese??
Thank you for writing. Love you ~ ~

thanks for the lovely comment! you can translate this fic but pls make it sure you send the link to me when its finished okay :) good luck!

Cute one shot. Yunho shouldn't be so sweet to unreasonable JJ. It will make all of us plot to steal him away. Not that we could....

Thanks for writing

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