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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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[FANFIC] Cry Me a River;1b

Title: Cry Me a River

Author: fikaputri

Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong, Jaejoong/FC, Yunho/Ara

Genre: Drama, Angst

Length: Oneshot

Rating: R

Warning: Songfic, sad ending, grammar errors, jumble of times and places

Summary: Your bridges were burned now it’s your turn to cry

I know that they say

That somethings are better left unsaid

 “What’s wrong?” the man said as he kissed his neck and his fingers fondled his balls.

“Aaah... don’t ask-aah...” Jaejoong closed his eyes and his mouth hung open as lust possessed his body.

“It’s Yunho again, isn’t it?” the man’s kisses trailed down to Jaejoong’s chest. His body shuddered when the man on top of him leaving angry red marks as he bit the skin and chewed his throbbing nipples.

“Shut up.” Jaejoong shoved him away. Jaejoong got up from bed to go bathroom, with a red, stiff cock dangling between his legs. He almost lost his mood until the man pinned his front body to the nearest wall. “Fuck, what are you doing?!” Jaejoong almost yelled.

The man whispered seductively on his ear and pleasure rushed to his spine. “Okay, I won’t mention him again. But are you sure you want to miss this?” the man behind him thrusted his clothed bulge against Jaejoong’s bare ass make Jaejoong moaned.

“Shut the fuck up.” Jaejoong turned his body hurriedly and fell to his knees. As soon as his knees touched the ground, he pulled down the man’s boxer and latched his mouth on the mushroom head.

The man gripped his blond locks harshly as he thrusted deeper to Jaejoong’s mouth. “Slut.”

And Jaejoong moaned.

It wasn’t like you only talked to him and you know it

(Don’t act like you don’t know it)

“You smell different, baby,” Yunho nuzzled his straight nose on Jaejoong’s neck. The said man sat on his boyfriend’s lap sideway as they watched a sappy romantic movie (that none of them actually watched) together on Jaejoong’s apartment.

“Why? You don’t like it?” Jaejoong pouted as he gave Yunho’s jaw kittenish kisses. The taller man chuckled at his lover’s attitude.

“It’s not that I dislike it. It’s just different. Do you change your perfume?” Yunho kissed his face wherever his mouth could reach as Yunho’s fingers rubbed his waist.

“Yes,” Jaejoong didn’t say anything anymore as he just smiled and basked in his lover’s attention. “We should do this more often, Yunho-yah. It’s great to do simple thing like this with your lover. I missed you so much.” said Jaejoong. The pretty man stopped kissing him as he just rest his head on Yunho’s chest and inhaled his lover’s scent deeply. He loved being wrapped with Yunho and smelled his unique scent. It made him feel protected and calm.

“I missed you too, Jaejoong-ah. Let’s be strong for each other, ne?” the dark almond eyes that Jaejoong was staring at that moment made his heart skip a beat. Those eyes exuded so much love that made Jaejoong’s heart trembling. He knew he loved Yunho so much. He was the first man Jaejoong ever loved and probably the last man Jaejoong ever would.


Jaejoong stared the man in front of him with cold eyes. He knew he must ended this fucked up whatever relationship they had. He had the strong will to end this, he knew.

Or so he thought.


“It’s a pity I couldn’t see him. I’ll be busy for the next few weeks to prepare the tribute. Where is he going?” Yunho sipped the beer he was holding. Yoochun shrugged his shoulders. But Yunho sensed something’s off about his expression.

“You know how he is. Jaejoong the social butterfly,” Yoochun tried his best not to give Yunho something that he could suspect. However, Jaejoong promised to them that he would stop so  Yoochun would just protect his soulmate until that time comes.

All of these things people told me

Keep messing with my head

(Messing with my head)

“Got lucky yesterday, Yunho?” said a SM dancer, Jaewon. Yunho, who was styled by the coordi noona looked at him confusedly.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Jaewon smirked. “I saw you and Kim Jaejoong yesterday at the hotel near Myeongdong. I wanted to call you but you guys seemed hurry so I just walked away,”

“But... are you sure, hyung? You really saw me?” Yunho frowned. This was impossible. From what he remembered (he was sure of that) he was with Changmin in SM recording some songs.

“Of course! You wore black hoodie and black jeans, right? And you guys kissed! Of course it was you, who else kissed Jaejoong other than you? You have a serious amnesia this time, Yunho-yah~” Jaewon slapped his shoulder and laughed. He left Yunho dumbfounded on his chair.

What black hoodie? He didn’t have that.


Yunho knocked on the door. He and Changmin wanted to give surprise to Jaejoong by visit his apartment before they went to SM. Jaejoong opened the door. His eyes widened and he looked surprised.

“Y-Yunho! Changmin! What are you doing here?” Jaejoong squeaked. Changmin raised his eyebrows at him.

“We just drop by before go to SM. Why are so surprised?” Yunho pecked his lips. Jaejoong opened the door and let them in.

“Oh. I just—“ before Jaejoong finished his sentence, a man rose up from the cushion and looked at them. Jaejoong panickly exchanged glances with the man and then awkwardly introduced them to Yunho and Changmin.

“Yunho-yah, Changmin-ah, this is my friend. He has to pick up something from me but don’t worry, he is about to go,” Jaejoong nervously fidgeted on the cushion as Yunho and Changmin sat beside him. The man grumbled something they couldn’t hear and gripped his car key on the coffee table. He muttered a goodbye before shut  the door closed.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yunho asked. Jaejoong smiled at him.

“He’s alright. Yunho, Changmin, what do you guys want to drink?” Jaejoong grinned at skipped to the kitchen when Changmin muttered an ‘whatever’.

Changmin dropped the magz he was holding and sitting closer to Yunho when he saw Jaejoong was gone. “Hyung, do you sense something wrong?” he whispered.

“Wha--? Changmin! Of course not!” Yunho hissed back. Changmin made sure Jaejoong was still at the kitchen before he whispered something that made Yunho think twice.

“I thought Jaejoong hyung just woke up because his hair was messy and it’s still 8 in the morning but he already has friend visited him and do you see his hair? It’s messy too! Doesn’t that mean that guy also just woke up?”

Yunho stared at Changmin. “Do you—“ Yunho’s words got cut off when Jaejoong appeared from the kitchen holding a tray of two hot coffee.

You should’ve picked honesty

Then you may not have blown it


“I’m glad you come.” the man wore a nice black blazer with a tight fitting shirt beneath it. He smiled so charmingly at the pretty blonde singer who just came. Jaejoong must admitted that the dark brown haired man in front of him looked stunning.

“Don’t think of this as a sign I want a further relationship with you. I have nothing to do tonight.” Jaejoong grabbed the menu from the waiter.

He didn’t want to come at first because he didn’t want to lead him on but he couldn’t resist the possibility of having some rough and mind blowing sex from the man. Also Jaejoong knew, although he loved Yunho, his heart couldn’t help but flutter at every compliment that came from his mouth and the ones that came in bed. He felt appreciated. It’s not that he didn’t feel appreciated by Yunho but this man, who was talking animatedly in front of him was a very romantic man. Yunho wasn’t exactly a romantic, Yunho often did something that made his heart smile and thankful for having him in his life but the thrill of having a second man who would always be there for him when Yunho was not, who was more than eager to please him in many ways that Yunho rarely did.

Jaejoong liked him. He liked him more than friends but not in the form of love. But the man in some ways loved him, Jaejoong knew, and who was he to refuse such love in times Yunho couldn’t give him enough.

“Hyung, what are you doing here?” Changmin patted his shoulder. Jaejoong turned around to see a frowning Changmin. The tall man’s eyes glanced from him and the brown haired man and to the entertwining hands between them. Jaejoong quickly pulled away his hand.

“C-Changmin! W-What are you doing here?” Jaejoong asked nervously.

“I’ve just had dinner with Vic. What are you guys doing here?” Changmin asked still frowning. Jaejoong’s heart beat faster. He didn’t want Changmin smelled something fishy but Changmin was genius, he probably already knew there was something wrong. This was a Italian restaurant, and a romantic one at that, so usually only couples who went here.

The man smiled slightly at Changmin who glared at him. “I want to start a bussiness and I am consulting with Jaejoong. However, he has some experiences at that,”

“Yes.” Jaejoong hurriedly said. Changmin just nodded while eyeing him suspiciously and nothing coming from his mouth again. Jaejoong sent a greeting for Yunho to Changmin before the tall man mumbled a silent good evening and left.


“Yes! Yes! God! Aahh...” Jaejoong closed his eyes at the immense pleasure from the man who was hammering his thick cock inside of him. Jaejoong’s hands gripped at the cloth that tied his hands to the bed post.

“You like this, huh? You slut. Look at your prettly little hole swallowing me entirely...” the man whispered seductively to his ear. Jaejoong loved being talked dirty. He looked down to his lower body and the view made him moaned loudly. His cock spurted a little bit of pre cum.

Jaejoong had been anxious since they met Changmin at the restaurant. He was afraid that Changmin said something about his affair to Yunho. He didn’t want Yunho knew about this at all.

Jaejoong didn’t realize it until he was in his own apartment and the man was kissing him and stripped his clothes off. Jaejoong knew how this would end. He couldn’t count on how many times he promised to himself that this would be the last they did this. But suddenly Yunho’s smiling face appeared in his mind and Jaejoong again, for countless times, promised that this would be the really last.

I’m sorry Yunho. I promise this is the last time.


Yunho smelled the bouquet of lilies on his hands and smiled. Jaejoong has to be like this this time. Yunho planned to give him a surprise. It was their 5th anniversary of their relationship. Yunho was the person who forgot things easily so it was Jaejoong who always remembered this kind of things. But it seemed Jaejoong forgot this time because he usually has reminded Yunho or gave him surprise.

He entered the code to Jaejoong’s apartment and opened the door quietly. He hid the bouquet behind him as he searched the place. Living room, empty. Kitchen, empty.

Faintly, he heard some strange noises from the bedroom. Yunho stopped and his heart beat increased rapidly. It can’t be, can it?

Yunho took a hesitant step forward. He had to prepare his heart for whatever it would be.

“Ugh, Jaejoong...” a growling came from behind the closed door. With that, Yunho quickly ran toward it.

He blasted the door open and got stumbled on a black boots before Yunho’s eyes widened at the scene before him.