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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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Once Again
Title: Once Again

Rating: PG

Summary: In a cold winter day, I, once again, become a shipper and a Cassiopeia.

A late birthday fic for my beloved ncunsu . happy birthday, bb! love you <3


“Uurgh...” I clutch my head in pain. I often get this headache if I’m doing work too much. I put my assignments away as I get up from my chair and walk to the bedroom. I pull out the drawer and take some painkillers to ease my head then lay on my bed trying to get some sleep that I need since three days ago. Now I don’t care what will my boss do to me. I will tell him tomorrow that ‘Sorry, boss, I don’t do the assignments you gave me because I need some fucking sleep and you can let me do this slowly from today or you can go fuck up yourself much to I care’ behavior. My eyelids slowly drift off to sleep. 


“Hey, Christin, you’re so lucky. Boss is absent today. He said he have some important appointment to do,” my co-worker, Ella, says to me as she sats on her chair. “Huh. What appointment. It must be another I’m-cheating-on-my-wife-but-don’t-you-dare-tell-anyone-about-it again,” she scoffs. I just laughed at her comment. Ella is always be the sarcastic one in our department.  

Well, for your information, my name is Christin. I’m an Indonesian but I moved to New York City when I just graduate from college. I’m an orphan. I used to pity myself because of this but not anymore. Now I determine to upgrade my life standard in order to make them proud of me. I work so hard, learn and practice english that feels so foreign in my tongue, and adapt myself with the environment. New York and Indonesia are so different. People here are cold, well, maybe they just mind their own bussiness, much opposite with Indonesian people who are so warm with each other even with people they don’t know. But I adapt well, now I can call my apartment here in New York as my second home.  

I open my email inbox and find a message that I’ve waited for the whole week.

To: ncunsu@yahoo.com

From: iheartchu@yahoo.com

Subject: I miss you.. T.T

Hi, Natsu. How are you? you seem so busy these days, I can’t even call you (your damn phone is always off or busy). How’s NY? I want to tell you that I and my family will visit America soon for holiday. Aren’t you excited? (please say yes, because I know you are^^). Well, if you read this please email me asap! (^0^)v 

Unconsciously, my mouth creeps into a smile. My bestfriend who still lived in Indonesia, Fika, just emailed me. We have been friends since highschool when we both realized that we shared the same interest. At that time, we loved DBSK, a boyband from South Korea. We were cassiopeians back then until the said band disbanded after three years since three of the members filled a lawsuit. We tried to keep holding on to them but yeah, life must go on. Slowly, everyone we knew from the fandom gone and that time, we decided to do that as well. But surprisingly, our friendships just remained the same. I snap out from my memories and hit the reply button. 

To: iheartchu@yahoo.com

From: ncunsu@yahoo.com

Subject: Re: I miss you.. T.T

That’s a good news! I’m waiting for your coming! NY is fine, although Indonesia is finer! Btw, you must bring my little Uno if you come, I miss that kid of yours~ 

I send the reply and hope she will write the reply back to me soon.  


I’m driving my car to my apartment complex when my stomach growls. I didn’t realize I haven’t eaten yet since breakfast. My eyes accidentaly spot a Korean restaurant at the side of the street. I park my car in front of it and decide to just having my lunch slash dinner there. I grab my bag and get off from the car. The weather is cold outside since it’s January. I dip the both of my hands inside my coat to keep them warm.  

Actually, I don’t really like Korean foods since it’s a bit weird for my taste. I prefer Japanese or Chinese. I open the door as I walk inside. The restaurant is ain’t big, it’s rather small but homey and not to forget, it’s also warm. I take off my coat and wait for the waiter to hand me the menu. The waiter, dresses in modest Korean traditional clothes for men, comes and greets me with smile. He’s a Korean and cute too. I nearly smack my own head. What is a woman in her 30s thinking? The boy probably is only 19 if not younger. Huft, I really need to get laid. I order beef galbi, seaweed soup and some hot ocha. The waiter nods politely and excuses himself. 

While I’m waiting for my food to arrive, a man, a handsome one of that, walks inside. He looks like in the middle of 30s but still look so handsome. He is Asian, I’m sure (his sharp and small eyes tell me), but he is tall and big, unlike many Asians (including me). He casually sits on one of a chair in a corner table of the restaurant. It’s quite hidden, but I still can see him clearly from my place. The more I look at him, the more I find him attractive. He posseses so much of a charisma that I never saw it in any other man, I don’t know, maybe the way he rolls his sleeves to his elbows, or the way he combs his hair with his long fingers. He oozes manliness from his every pore. I hope he is still available because I will definitely ask his number! But he looks so familiar... where have I seen his face? 

My foods have arrived. I begin to eat my food ladylike, who knows, he will accidentaly see me and impressed by me? Haha. Sometimes I hope too much. I secretly glance at that man again and wonder why he haven’t order anything yet. When I’m busy ponder with my thoughts, another man  in his age, walks out from the kitchen. He takes off his apron as he walks eagerly to the man who is now standing up waiting for him. I can’t see the second man’s face clearly because the light is slightly dim. The first man, the taller one, envelopes the shorter with a bear hug. I smile unconsciously seeing them. Friendship between men is so sweet. But my eyeballs nearly jump from my sockets when I see the shorter man, tiptoes to kiss the taller man’s lips gently. I want to cry for myself. The best man I’ve ever had my eyes on, is gay. This is not my lucky day.

But the shock haven’t ended yet. I gasp and almost drop down my ocha when finally I see the shorter man’s face. That face... It’s impossible not to remember it. He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. It’s been a decade, but his face is still the same. The same big eyes, the same plump lips, the same pale skin, the same beauty. He laughs soflty and I can slightly catch the sounds, it’s also still the same. He is still the same Hero Jaejoong that I was fangirling over nine years ago.  

And suddenly everything is click. I switch my gaze to the other man who is now sitting with Jaejoong on his lap. So, all this time, they are real... 

Jaejoong now is giggling happily when the other man whispering on his ears. “Yunho-yah... not now,”

God, I feel like crying at the moment. But now with happiness. I remember ever shipped them with Fika when we were in highschool. We once thought they are real, but with the lawsuit, individual activities and disbandment, we told ourselves that maybe it’s just fanservice. Then we gave up believe in them as we gave up being in fandom. 

The taller man, whom I used to know as U-know Yunho is nuzzling his nose against the beautiful man’s neck as he wraps his arms around Yunho’s shoulders. They look lost in their own world. 

“Ehm,” I purposingly clear my throat. I giggle when they jump in surprise. They look flustered, it’s so cute. It’s like the old times when the camera caught them doing the famous Yunjae’s actions. I giggle again.

“I-I should prepare my things to go home,” Jaejoong unwillingly hop off from Yunho as the latter awkwardly mumbles something I can’t hear.  

I leave my cash on the table and walks out the restaurant with a smile painted on my face. I definitely will tell this to Fika. She will be extremely thrilled! 


To: iheartchu@yahoo.com

From: ncunsu@yahoo.com

Subject: XDDD

Hey, I’ve got something for you that surely will make you surprise!!  

I send the message. I sip my hot chocolate and smile when I remember what I found today. I open new tabs and search for their videos on youtube. Many of them have erased already but I manage to found some. That night, is the first night in 5 years I don’t feel like sleeping. 


I find myself coming back again to the restaurant after work. I can’t help my inner fangirling, though. I sit on my yesterday table and see Jaejoong who is approaching me as soon as he sees me. 

“Uhm... Hi,” he smiles. I smile back at him. People always say he is the epitome of beauty, now I know why after I see his face close up.


“I’m sorry for yesterday. Did you see us?” he keeps fidgeting on his chair as he’s going nervous. “I see you’re Asian, so maybe I think maybe you’re not comfortable with it so...” but Jaejoong stops his ramble when I’m chuckling. He tilts his head confusedly. 

“I’m Asian, yes. But who said I’m not uncomfortable with it? I’m very much okay,”  

“Really? Oh, well, thanks...” he laughs in relieve. “Have you order anything yet?” I shake my head. “Well, I’m a chef here. You must try my kimchi jjigae. That’s my speciality. It’s good with winter though,” 

“I’d like to try it,” I say and Jaejoong gets off from the chair.  

“Give me fifteen minutes,” he smiles as he disappeares into the kitchen. 

Fifteen minutes after, Jaejoong appeares again while holding a tray with a bowl of jjigae. “Here it is. The restaurant is rather empty these hours so I can serve you personally. You eat in a weird hour, woman,” 

“Work,” I mutter. Then I say a thanks to him and feed myself. “Wow. This is very delicious,” he nods politely and ushers me to keep eating. 

“My name is Jaejoong,” he introduces himself.  

“I’m Christin. So you’re a Korean?” I ask. I pretend not to know him. It will be akward if he knows I was once a cassie. 

“Yes, and you are? I figure you are not an American,”

“You’re right. I’m an Indonesian. So, who’s him? your boyfriend?” I tease. I already feel so comfortable around him.  

“Not really...”  

Oh! The Hero Jaejoong’s famous blushing! “He is my... husband,” 

“So you’re married!” I squeal. He gives his shy smile to me. We talk about trivial things. He is a nice person to talk to and I can feel he is feeling the same towards me. 


“Wait a minute,” Jaejoong excuses himself. He smiles the second he picks up the phone. From the expression on his face, I can tell right away who’s on the other line. Suddenly Jaejoong’s face fell but he still forces a smile upon his face.  

“He can’t pick me up today. He’s working late,” Jaejoong says to me after they finished the phone call. Disappointment clearly written on his face as he suddenly turns quiet.


“I can drive you home. I bring a car,” I offer him. 

“No, it’s okay. It’s troublesome for you,” he refuses politely but I shrug it off. 

“Of course not. How could you say that? We are friends, right?” 

He smiles and nods. “Okay.” 

In our trips to his home, we talk about a lot of things. He figures that I’m five years younger than him. It drive us to talk about how we address each other. After a few more laughs, we settle with me still call him ‘Jaejoong’ and he calls me ‘Natsu’. He is glad because I told him that only my close friends can call me that. 

“Natsu? It means summer, right? It suits you,” he compliments. I blush slightly. 

20 minutes of ride, we finally arrive in front of his home. It’s averege, with red brick wall and green yard.

“I like lilies. That’s why there is a lot of them,” he explains while he is welcoming me into his home.  

Warm atmosphere welcomes me as I walk in. Jaejoong leads me to the living room. I sit on the white cushions while he goes to the kitchen to make some tea. He says he is happy since he hadn’t been visited by any friends for years. He is so excited makes me happy.  

I let my eyes wonder around the house. The place is comfy, a kind of place that you wouldn’t want to leave once you inside. There are two bookshelves filled with books placed on the wall and lots of photos and elephant-shaped ceramics. I giggle when I remember Jaejoong’s elephant obsession years ago when TVXQ and cassiopeia still existed. Surprisingly, he is still obsessed. My eyes suddenly spot a huge photo framed in a silver frame and was placed just above the television, forces people who are watching tv to look at it too. I walk closer to look at the photo clearly. A sudden feel of strange feeling fills me as I realize who the people are, urging my eyes to bawl out but at the same time fills my heart in warm embrace.

The five men; used to be known as Dong Bang Shin Ki, The Rising Gods of The East. The ones that once used to be my everything, my reason to live until the said band disbanded about nine years ago. Jaejoong’s hair was still blonde (he has ebony hair now), and they were all looked so young. Judge from the hairstyle and the looks, I assume it was captured in early 2009, the year when everything was started. Suddenly a huge streams of nostalgia floods into me. I am reminded how I used to dislike on Micky’s curly hair, but still found it sexy. How I dreamt to be a future Mrs. Jung, how I loved Xiah’s smile (Xiah Junsu was my bias by the way XD) at that time that was still angelic and genuine, that made me promise as a cassie to protect that precious smile (and fortunately failed as the lawsuit started), and how I admired Max Changmin for the genius brain and witty remarks.  

The photo looked it was captured in a day at their apartment, as their poses seemed so natural, where the angelic smile, smiley eyes, shy smile, perfect white teeth and wide grin were perfectly blended together without any of photographer’s order. Uknow Yunho’s right hand was wrapped around Jaejoong’s waist as the latter put his chin on the former leader’s shoulder and stared at the taller man with such love, not caring slightly on the camera. Uknow’s left hand clasped tightly on  Jaejoong’s right hand. The other three looked happy as well. Max grinned ear to ear to the camera, his mismatched eyes glinted playfully, whilst Xiah smiled widely and stared at Micky who threw his head back as he was laughing loudly and his famous smiley eyes was narrowing until it formed only a line.

Beautiful. A single tear manages to escape my eyes.  

“Ehm,” someone appears behind me. I snap out and quickly wipe my tear away. 

“Ah, Jaejoong. Sorry, I’ve spaced out just now. It’s so beautiful,” I say while pointing at the photo. He follows my direction and suddenly his face lits up in happines and he smiles. 

“Of course, beautiful. I love them,” he says more to himself as he nods his head unconsciously. We sit again on the cushions after he turned on a music in a low volume to accompany us chatting. I regconize in a second that the song which is playing is Paradise. I encourage myself to ask him. 

“Jaejoong, who are them? Your brothers?” he sips his tea in a elegant manner and chuckles. 

“Yes, you can say that. We are not actually siblings, but our relationships are deeper than ones,” 

“Where are they now?” 

“As far as I know, they are all still in Korea,” 

“So why are you moved here? Korea is nice,” I casually sip my tea. I relieve that Jaejoong looks so relax talking about this topic to me. 

“Yes, it is. But you know, I and my husband couldn’t be together if we still stayed there. You see that man on that photo? The one beside me who’s holding my hand?” I nod.

“His name is Yunho. He is my husband,” he says as he smiles sweetly while staring at the photo. “He’s very good looking, right?” 

“Yes, he is very good looking, Jaejoong!” and sexy too, until now. I giggle silently. 

“Be careful woman, Yunho is my property!” Jaejoong says in a joking manner. We both laugh. 

I unconsciously hum along with the song after we finished laughing. His eyebrows lift up at me. I suddenly stop humming. Damn. I should stop fangirling now. 

“You know this song?” he asks.  

“I...” I drag my words as  I search for a good answer. “I... know it from my friend,” I smile nervously. “It’s a good song,” Jaejoong nods his head as he believes in my white lie. I usher him to continue his story.

“The five of us worked in a same field. We got along together so well. We breathed the same air, we spoke the same thoughts and lived in one dream. Everything went so fine until I realized that I fell in love with Yunho. He was always there for me. You know what Natsu, Yunho is a kind of man who is able to make you feel so warm, protected, and loved. He’s a kind of man who will not jump with you into the water, instead he will grab your hand tightly and pull you up so you can live your life in a better way. He’s a kind of man who lived without any regrets. I loved him for years silently without knowing that he loved me too. Yunho was never been a romantic,” Jaejoong’s eyes sparkling and he giggles at himself. 

“At that time, when he said he loved me, he dragged me to an empty dressing room after our performance. He said that he loved me so much he couldn’t stay in silent anymore,” Jaejoong doesn’t realize that he just revealed his old occupation as an artist but I keep quiet. 

“Our brothers accepted us. We went along so fine until we separated ways. It was the darkest times for us. I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t talk to him. So many misunderstandings, I didn’t know what to do. My work was going great with the two of them but deep inside I felt so empty, guilty and incomplete. I missed him very much it killed me slowly. Then I decided to punish myself with stop working and back to my hometown. I cutted all the connections I had in my previous work. Everyone had been searching for me but no one been able to find me but him. He gathered me, he glued me together. We became lovers again but the society was still the same. We finally came out to our friends and family. My mom died because of heart attack and my dad followed her not long after and Yunho’s parents... they ditched us. His father... whom he always loved and respected wasn’t even considering him as a son again. No one willing to give us work. We were being left alone with only each other to lean on. Our brothers still supported us, but they couldn’t do much about it. After that, we decided to leave Korea and lived here, gambling our luck. Thankfully Yunho got his job as a staff in Warner Music and I as a chef. We live averegely, not glamourly as we were back then but we are happy and content,” Jaejoong smiled. There’s a slight of bitterness in his tone. I smiled back at him. I never realized how much they’ve been through. After I signed off from fandom, I didn’t know what they had been doing. I thought they were okay... 

“Would you like to tell me about your brother, Jaejoong?” Jaejoong smiles widely and nods. 

“Our youngest, Changmin, now is a writer.” He pointed at Changmin figure. “He has produces so many best seller books and believe it or not, his most best seller book is about Yunho and me. People were suspicious but Changmin didn’t give a shit,” he chuckles. “That maknae...” his eyes shine brightly when he is reminiscing Changmin. I wonder how many years they have not meet? 

“Junsu, Junsu... he is the second youngest, our sun, Junsu,” Jaejoong pauses for a moment then continues again. ”He is the person on the corner left. He is working as an actor in theatre. He has gone to Broadway several times and we can’t be anymore proud. Yunho is very protective of him. His fatherly character makes he feels the need to protect the innocent Junsu has that we’re lacking. And the person between me and Junsu is Yoochun. Junsu and Changmin are my brothers, sometimes like sons, but Yoochun is my best friend. He is the constant thing that exist in my life. The others come and go but he always there. I don’t know what makes us close like this but we just click like that. He becomes a Producer and has his own label. The rest of us have known it long time ago,” 

“It seems they are doing fine,

“Yes, it’s good, isn’t it?” 

“Do you miss them?” Jaejoong lowers his cup and put it quitely on the table. He sighs. 

“Actually we still contact each other til now. It’s still not the same if they come here and visit me but two or three calls every months are enough. It has been five years and I only met Changmin at his wedding, Junsu several times when he acted in Broadway and Yoochun two times. Of course I miss them. Yunho does too. Sometimes he would sleep talking and scold Junsu and Changmin in his sleep.” 

“How cute,” 

“He miss being a father,” Jaejoong smiles lovingly. His face brights up when the door bell is ringing. He ushers to the door and leaves me alone to welcome the person he longed to see. 

“Baby-ah,” Yunho kisses his husband lovingly.

“Welcome home, honey. Have you eaten?” Yunho nods and hugs the beautiful man tightly. He catches a glimpse of me and slowly slips from Jaejoong. 

I stand up awkwardly. Jaejoong, being the savior, he saves me with introducing me to Yunho before the man’s frown deepened. 

“Yun-ah, this is Christin. She is my new friend. I got a bit lonely so she accompanied me until you got home,” 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Christin.” I offer my hand. He grabs it and shakes my hand tightly. Like I expected. 

“Yunho. Jung Yunho. Nice to meet you too,”  

I gather my things quickly. Yunho looks so tired so probably it will be best if I go home soon.  

“Jaejoong, it’s late now. I should probably go home,”  

“Oh, right. Don’t forget to come to restaurant tomorrow~” he said to me as he hands me my coat. I wear it as Yunho and Jaejoong walk me to the door. 

“Thanks for the companion, Christin,” Yunho nods slightly as a polite manner. 

“Be careful,” Jaejoong said. I wave them goodbye and got to my car as I drive home.


To: ncunsu@yahoo.com

From: iheartchu@yahoo.com

Subject: whut izzit? Tell mee~ >,<

Whaaat is iittt?? You have to tell me now! Do you have a boyfriend? Wait, no. Are you getting married??!! XD 

I am about to type everything that happened today. From my encounter with yunjae, and my newly friendship with Jaejoong.She must be very happy that our ultimate couple is indeed real. But as I remember Jaejoong, the way he told about his life and the hardships they must faced because they are gay, my eagerness to tell her just dissapear. She knows or not isn’t important anymore. I shut down the computer and prepare to shower. Nobody knows about them, even yunjae shippers. I think it’s better this way. 


“January 26th?”


“Sure, I think I can manage it. But are you sure he will be happy? I mean, we haven’t met for years,” 

“Of course. An umma will always miss her sons,” I can feel the person other line smiles when he hears me.



I stare admiringly at the last person who come. He wears all black with a nice glasses sitting on his nose. His hair is jet black, a bit long, and curly but he tied them up in a stylish way. Micky Yoochun is very much the same like ten years ago except a bit wrinkles on the corner on his mouth, he is till the Prince Charming TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun. As he enters the restaurant, a group of people welcome him with heartwarming big hug. They all smile, laugh, so heartfuly, I don’t even remember the last time I’ve ever seen something as beautiful as this.

Jaejoong wipes his cheeks because apparently, he is crying. He looks like he is embarassed now but as Yunho rubs his arm comfortingly, Junsu wipes his tears, Yoochun pokes him teasingly and Changmin grins, Jaejoong broke into more tears. So the rest of them back into a group hug again. They pat each other’s shoulders because this time, not only Jaejoong who is crying.

I wipe my tears as I realise I have been crying silently watching them. There’s a voice in my mind, telling me, because this is too precious, I must not forget this; the real proof of brotherhood, of friendship, of love. I will not regret spending my time for just searching the youngest three’s contacts, and called them, begged them as a nobody to come to America for Jaejoong’s sake. I read about them, trying to catch every news about them since I resigned from the fandom. Winning awards, records, sales, private villas... it seemed that they lived a life happily and content (very much far from the life that Jaejoong and Yunho support) and made me think about what I was doing. But at the moment, as I see the happy tears, the comforting smiles, the gentle hugs, I know they can’t be anymore happier than this. It’s so heartwarming like old times. Nope, it’s very much better.

Someone pats my back makes me jump slightly.

“God, you scared me."

“What are you seeing?” Fika, my bestfriend asks me as she peeps her eyes through the glass window into the restaurant. She actually sees the five of them, but she has no idea and shrugs it off.

“C’mon, they are waiting,” she pulls me with her and we walk to her husband and little son who are standing not far. It has been three days since they visited. Uno, Fika’s son, smiles toothily at me.

“Auntie, why so long?” I pinch his cheeks and laugh.

“Auntie is sorry~” he also laughes and nods eagerly. He is easily forgive.

Uno links his small chubby fingers with mine as his mother and father are walking in front of us. I turn my head once again at the restaurant and catch their smiles.

I, once again after ten years, become a shipper and Cassiopeia. And I’m glad, nobody knows. 


It’s a faaaiiill >.<


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Omg that was awesome!! Imagine being able to be able to witness firsthand the love they have for each its just to precious...love this beautiful!! Thankyu!!

Thanks for reading and commenting^^

woman, you made me cry cry TT^TT

*hands you tissue*
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

i have to stop reading few times to keep my eyes not teary T-T
i cried. it's like me i mean like i feel it. the hell im talking about ;__;(except i dont meet them of course)
happy yunjae day! T-T

Thanks for reading and commenting^^
happy yunjae day for you too

waw!! i didn't expected that you will write this way, but it is good~

suddenly i feel proud being indonesian XDD

Thanks for reading and commenting^^

sounds like yunjae future 4 me..hahaha.. aku lg emo gr2 yunjae-depresi dri kmren. and this fic makes me feel better.

Thanks for reading and commenting^^

damn, this is awesome!
girl, can i confess to u?
i love u!

i love you too!!
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

I can't believe it..
you made it..
you dont have to..
but anyways thanks so much fika...
i love you more..
hwaaa.. and you made my day today..

i'm sorry for late comment.. i felt sick last night..

fika you knows me so well lah.. you have written everything which are true bout me..
hwaaaa.. i hope this fiction becomes reality..
i hope i meet yunjae for real and they're fine in theirs ways..
and our friendship will last forever..

bay the way i'm eager on your husband?? who is he?? aiiisss..
last word nomu gomawoyo,chinggu.. saranghanda..

I'm glad you're happy with this^^
sorry, if it's sooo late :D

aww .... this really really touched my heart. i;m happy yunjae stayed together and live a happy life.

it's so beautiful ... i feel proud that cassies like you exist ... true cassies protect and care for the boys themselves, whatever path they choose.

thank you for sharing such a great story ...

you are welcome^^
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

Oh Gosh... One of a few DBSK verse i dare to read... Never read lawsuit fic, I'll pray so this could b their future, let it no DBSK as 5 for now if one day they could bcome one again, especially yunjae, I don't care if we, fans hurted with the lawsuit as long as actually they are still in the good term..
Wonderful job dear...

yup. I always pray that this dark moments will be worth it in the end.
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

fika i take and put this fiction on my blog.. is that oke??

of course!
This fic is yours anyway.

gahhhhhh. I imagined this happening for real. I am crying right now *sobs*

this is <3 <3 <3

Don't cry~
Someday, it'll be happen. DBSK are brothers for real right?
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

OMGS.. you make me teary.. thanks beib..

ya you always make me cry like this? i'm a non YJ-shipper but because of your fics, I admit their sweet love. this fic... as if pictures how my future would be. isn't it too sweet if YJ, DBSK, and Cassiopeia make this kind of relationship in the next 10/20 years? live with your beloved one, have children, achieve your dreams, no sorrow, no pain but tears of happiness! :')
thanks for your hardwork by the way! love your every pieces of works! LOVE U always!

yes, someday I believe we all will be happy together.
may this darkness fall and morning come soon..
Thanks for reading and commenting^^

uung.. daijoubu..
This is the best gift for my birthday this time.
thanks fikaaa....
muuuaaaahhh.. chuu~~~

This is so beautiful. Thank for you.
I wish they would, end up together the in true life.

i wish this really happen!!
sorry for the late comment just found this!
thank you for make me believe in them once again
although just a little but it's enough
keep on writing

This is a very nice story.

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