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One in millions stars

I Need Your Love That Brings Tears to My Eyes

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Title: Insa
Pairing: yunjae
Genre: PG13, mild smut


I pull my chair and sit next to him and caress his cheeks. They’re so soft and flawless like silk. I’m staring at his beautiful face. ‘How can a person be so beautiful even when he’s dying?’ I thought.

“Jaejoongie, please recover soon. I need you. I love you, Jaejoongie,” I tell him. Even he doesn’t say a word, but I know in every breath he takes, every second since he lied unconsiously, he answers me.


I know he hears me. He just couldn’t say it.


‘I know, Yunnie. I love you too,’



It was years ago, when I was still in my high school. Young, and full of passion.

I got off from my red lamborghini. I was in my third grade now in Seoul High. And you know what? I was the number one kingka in this school. Not that I was arrogant but it’s so hard when you had the brain, the looks, and the most important was the money. I was a heir of Jung Corp. And soon, after i graduate from high school, I would take over the CEO position from my dad.


The girls were squealing as I walked graciously through them. Almost all of the population in this school loved me. No, I was not exagarrating it. That’s true. My best buddy, Yoochun (the suave, dandy cassanova they said. Haha... they just didn’t know what they said. Yoochun was the biggest jerk and bestest friend ever), ever told me about this and some friends in my class too. Guys wanted to be as hot as me and girls always wanted me to be in their pants. That’s a bit scary though when I remembered how much they’re obsessed with me and stalked me everywhere. But I’ve never even once acted like a bastard who kicked everyone’s ass and rubbed shit onto their face talking about how ugly they were. I would never do that. That’s why everyone loved me. But no one loved me the way I am. Except Yoochun of course. They all loved me as The Great Jung Yunho. They thought they know me well. But they didn’t.


“Hey, buddy. Need help?” Yoochun approached me and had that wide silly grin plastered on his face when he saw me having a hard time brought all of my fan’s gift form my locker to my class.


“Thanks, dude. You’re my savior,” I gave him a half.


“Don’t mention it. Everyone  knows you’re always like this every morning,” he walked beside me.


We entered the class and put all the gifts on my table. I wiped the sweats that I didn’t even know I’m having it on my temple.


‘Wow. That’s a lot,’ I realized as I looked at the mount of gifts and like usual, Yoochun helped me placed the half of them under my table. I absolutely  couldn’t put any of my book if they’re all on the table. The bell was ringing, and I sat on my seat while Yoochun sat next to me.


The teacher came in and greeted us. She was our English teacher and I was usually the only student who could still opened my eyes when my other classmates tend to sleep and ignored her. She was just about to start her boring lesson and wrote something on the white board when someone rushed in. No, not someone. They were two. I know one of them was Kim Junsu, one of my classmates (Yoochun loved to tease him). But another one was someone that I certainly didn’t know. As I landed my gaze on him, i felt like I was sucked in. Like I was spelled. He was a boy, I was sure of it. But what made him different was his beautiful features. His face was so beautiful even if not considered as pretty. I was sure he even more beautiful from every girls I had ever seen. He had a flawless, pale complexion skin on his face. It looks so soft. And he had that raven black hair on him. He cut it middle length and they fell gloriously almost until his shoulders, silky and shiny. I heard girls always spent their money and time only for their hair. But their hair even couldn’t as fine as his. And not to mention his eyes, his big doe-like eyes. I was not sure what the colour were but they were dark and a little hint of grey on the iris. They sure hypnotized every people who tried to look to those beautiful dark orbs of him, because I was. I was hypnotized by him. By someone I didn’t even know the name. I tried to let my eyes off from him, but I caught something from him that made me staring back. My eyes locked at his plump rosy lips that lied under his tiny pointy nose. They were so tempting and kissable... wait, did I just mention kissable? I realized that I licked my own lips when I staring at those lips. I mean, he’s a guy, Jung Yunho! I smacked my own head. But he was so beautiful that was almost inhuman because human wasn’t allowed to be that beautiful.


“I’m sorry Mrs. Kwon,” Junsu bowed apologizing. The mysterious beautiful boy stood shyly behind him. When I (finally) switched my gaze on Yoochun, I swore he just stared at me second ago.


“I forgive you, Junsu. But don’t ever do this again. I hate it when student late in my class,” the teacher said.


“She can’t stand student late in her class when obviously there’s no one open their eyes and hear what she had said in class. Yeah, except you,” Yoochun whispered and smirked. I just smile heard his comments.


“So, this is your cousin, Junsu?” the teacher asked. Junsu nodded.




“Alright.  You can sit on your seat, Junsu. And everyone, this is your new classmates. Boy, you can introduce yourself,” the teacher pleased him. Junsu sat on his chair, in front of me.


The beautiful boy stepped forward to the front of the class. He looked down on the floor and nervously lifted up his head to speak.


“Everyone, my name is Kim Jaejoong. Please take care of me,” he bowed down quickly.


“You can take your seat, boy. Next to Junsu,” the teacher said as Jaejoong walked towards his seat that placed in front of Yoochun. My eyes still glued to him when he finally reached his seat and sat on it. He was going to turn his head to Junsu when he accidentally met my gaze. I could see tints of shy pink on his cheeks. He turned away quickly and so was I before I emberassed my self. I could feel the heat on my cheeks. God, this was so embarassing!


 The times went so fast while the things I did was just only stare at him. The bell for lunch time rang and almost all of my classmates dashed out of the class towards the cafetaria. I sighed at myself. It was the first I didn’t pay attention to the teacher and the only things I did was staring at him, hoped he could staring back at me. But he even looked at me for once! Yoochun dragged me to the cafetaria. When we got there, it was full of hungry people. The table was full but of course not our table. Mine and Yoochun’s. We always had our lunch together, just the two of us because no one dared to sat there. And Jung Changmin, my brother in first grade, sometimes he would join us but he often together with his friend, Kim Ki Bum. Yoochun brought me galbi but I lost my apettite. I didn’t feel like eating now. I was wandering around when my eyes spotted him, Kim Jaejoong. He was with Junsu, holding his tray, eyeing around to see if there’s any table left for them. Yoochun quickly followed my gaze. He smiled widely as he waved his hand towards Junsu who quickly caught his act. Jaejoong and Junsu exchanging glance for a while when he finally decided to sit with us.


“I sit with you just because there are no more table left, Yoochun,” Junsu stated then he looked at me. “That was not for you, Yunho. That was for greasy perverted old man in front of me,”


“Say that again, duck-butt,” said Yoochun. They’re always bickering with each other. I waited if there was a time when they finally stopped. I was chuckling with my self when I heard a soft melodious laugh on my ear. It was so beautiful and I knew exactly where it was come from. Jaejoong caught my gaze and smiled shyly. I thought he couldn’t be more beautiful than the first I saw him, but I was wrong. He even more beautiful when he smiled or laughed. Oh, he was just like an angel.


“Hi,” my heart was thumping so fast when I greeted him. I tried to flashed my most gorgeous smile to him. Why I even do that? I, my self didn’t even know. He again smiled so sweetly and shyly when answered my greeting.




“My name is Jung Yunho,” I introduced myself.

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I enjoyed it!
It´s lovely when Jae is so shy and cute!

I´m going to read the next chapter!
See ya!

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